Why does dog push food out of the bowl

Throwing food out of the bowl is a very common practice in dogs; to take the right countermeasures, it is important to understand why your dog adopts this behavior.

Finding food out of the bowl after your pet has feasted is a very common phenomenon. We who keep a dog at home see this scene quite frequently. Is it possible, however, to find a solution?

There can be several reasons why your pet throws food out of the bowl. Very often, then, you do not even have the opportunity to stop him from eating with such euphoria . What you can do, though, is to keep it from letting it out so easily. This way you won’t have to sweep the kitchen several times a day.

Why does he throw food out of the bowl?

One of the situations in which your dog throws food off the plate occurs when you place some type of wet food on top of his usual feed .

As these animals crave ever greater quantities of food, they rummage through the feed and then move it out of the bowl, looking for any leftover wet food they have just tasted. Consequently, it is advisable to offer them this type of food in another container.

Another reason why the dog tends to adopt this type of behavior comes from the fact that the food in its bowl is too dry or does not like it .

Try putting something in your pet’s bowl that they don’t like. The most normal reaction will be to find it scattered in every corner of the house. To prevent your dog from spreading the food all over the kitchen or in the room where you usually feed him, make sure his food is always in perfect condition. These animals, in fact, can be quite picky.

In any case, it is an attitude that is difficult to correct and to which long hours of training should be devoted. If what you want is for him to adopt this behavior with such ease, try the following tips:

Quick tips to avoid this problem

Buy a larger food bowl to prevent your dog from throwing food out of the bowl to rummage through the feed. Thanks to a larger plate, he will be able to see and rummage better, ending up throwing fewer treats outwards.

Change his bowl to one with higher side edges: this way he won’t accidentally throw out food when he eats too enthusiastically. However, if your dog is very small , take his height into account before buying a bowl that is too tall; otherwise, it would have a hard time reaching the food, and would certainly end up overturning the container.

Another useful way to avoid this obsession with food is to feed the dog several times a day, but in smaller portions. That way he won’t get too hungry and will eat a little more relaxed.

Also, if you have several dogs in the house, which, when they eat, tend to get dirty to some extent, it is best to offer them food in separate rooms. This way you will avoid the competitiveness that leads them to eat too quickly.

To improve general hygiene, a very successful measure is to place a plastic tray under the food bowl. In this way we will be able to keep the crunchies that come out of the bowl “collected” and cleaning the area will be much easier and faster.

This tray is also very useful to be placed under the water bowl, because it prevents the floor from getting wet due to the splashes caused by dogs when they drink.

On the other hand, there are animals that are annoyed by the metallic noise produced by some containers while they are eating. Consequently, to taste their dishes, they prefer to choose a quieter place.

In any case, observing your pet will provide you with numerous clues to identify the reasons for this behavior and take the most effective measures. Nothing is ever too much, if the goal is the well-being of our dogs.

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