Why do some owners cut off the dog’s tail?

Cutting off the tail of dogs has been a custom present in historical records since the time of Jesus Christ. In those years the reason was that, by eradicating the white worms that were on the back of the animal’s body, it was prevented from contracting anger. But today we ask ourselves: should we cut off the dog’s tail? Read on to learn more.

After a few years, it turned out that these worms were nothing more than tendons.

Many theories have followed one another over the centuries.


One of the theories that has lasted over the years is that  dogs that go hunting are hampered by their tails. 

Another argues that  the specimens with the long tail are more likely to get deadly wounds caused by fights with other dogs, or during clashes with larger animals.

However, without a doubt, the reason why a dog’s tail is cut off nowadays is purely aesthetic. Are dogs like Boxers, Dobermans, Pitbulls  and even Poodles ugly? In some cases, they are passed off as bad guys because they have their natural tails. And if their ears aren’t cut off too, it’s even worse for many people.

Italy, along with many other countries, has ratified the European Convention for the protection of companion animals held in Strasbourg. In this legislation it is forbidden to carry out any type of surgery on animals, both for aesthetic and non-curative purposes.

Reasons why NOT to cut your dog’s tail

Many experts assure that  any type of amputation would cause a series of permanent collateral damage. This damage goes unnoticed in the eyes of the owners. This does not mean that they are not a constant nuisance for the animal.

Darwin’s theory of evolution has been proven several times. What animal species do not need will gradually disappear until no one remembers it anymore. An example? The human being has stopped being hairy as it was in the Stone Age, because it has been a long time since he no longer needs to protect himself from the elements.

However,  for many dog breeds that have suffered from their tails, whiskers and ears for centuries, there is no evolution. This custom continues to be present in all examples of mutilated dogs. To the annoyance of lovers of “canine aesthetics”, with no apparent changes.

Veterinarians say that even long after, animals continue to feel pain for the missing body part.

Dogs use their  tails as a means of communication. Without this, they lose a fundamental element to interact with their fellow men and also with people. Even if you don’t think so, those who have dogs with natural tails are able to distinguish many of their emotions. These sensations are expressed by the animal through the posture and movement of this extremity.

Without it, their sense of balance is damaged and, in some cases, their mobility as well.

Arguments in favor

Fewer and fewer vets say, at least publicly, that they agree to cut dogs’ tails.  Many also explain the reasons for this , for example: dogs with this missing part are more likely to develop perineal hernias. Some doctors are even more adamant that it improves neither the quality of life nor the health of animals that shed their tails.

To conclude: should the dog’s tail be cut?

Currently it has been shown that mutilating animals does not make any sense. In fact, it is nothing more than a human whim to maintain beauty standards. The laws of many countries around the world expressly prohibit cutting off the tail and ears, as well as any type of surgery that can harm animals.

The only solution to eliminate this practice once and for all is to strictly comply with the legislation. The ideal would be for all countries of the world to apply it. 

For those who want a concrete and definitive answer to the question, this is NO. You don’t have to cut off the dog’s tail.

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