Why do dogs smell our private parts?

It is a common thing to feel ashamed when dogs smell your private parts. However, before scolding your pet, it is important to understand why they do so. What may seem strange to people is completely normal to our furry friends.

First, dogs don’t behave this way to annoy you or to intimidate you. In fact, they have no idea that this is an act of rudeness for human beings.

The problem is that we humanize pets so much that we get scared of behavior typical of their species. Expecting a dog to conform to the same social rules as people mean not respecting its nature. This can cause him pain and cause various problems.

Why do dogs smell the genitals of their own kind?

The way human beings communicate is varied and complex. But it is not the only form of communication that exists. Dogs express themselves, communicate and have their own body language.

Some animal codes of conduct can be strange to us. But doesn’t the same happen to them too? Sometimes they look at us as we go about our daily activities without understanding what we are doing. We must learn to respect each other.

Dogs’ sense of exploration and recognition is found in the nose. Through this, they capture stimuli and information to learn about the external environment, including the animals and people they meet.

But why do they go straight to the genitals?

Mammals possess apocrine sweat glands scattered throughout the body. These small structures produce a body fluid called a pheromone, which carries the information of each individual, fulfilling an important social function in the ecosystem.

In dogs, these odorous fluids are concentrated in the anal and genital area. This is why they “greet” each other by sniffing their private parts.

When an animal performs this action, it receives information on the age, reproductive stage, sex, character and mood of its fellow animal.

What does it mean when dogs smell our private parts?

Humans have sweat glands scattered all over the skin. These control body temperature and odor.

However, these are concentrated more in the armpits and groin. This is why dogs make their way to our private parts.

Sniffing them, they try to establish a connection. It is as if they want to introduce themselves and at the same time get to know a person seen for the first time better. Because of this, it is more common for it to happen with an animal we don’t know.

Why might a dog smell some people more intensely?

Often, dogs show more interest in a particular person. They may smell the genitals of some individuals for longer.

Sometimes, the production and release of pheromones can be accentuated under certain conditions of the human organism.

In the case of women, it is common for dogs to show interest in their genitals during menstruation and ovulation. And also to those who are breastfeeding or who have recently given birth.

How to proceed when dogs smell our genitals?

Prohibiting them from doing this could hurt them. Especially since this behavior is not risky either for people or for other animals.

The socialization process helps to decrease the animal’s reaction to various stimuli, mainly noises. However, it may be less effective in relation to recognition through smell.

It may seem strange, but the best thing is to do nothing. The dog will stop having this behavior when it has confidence in a person.

Just try to prevent your furry friend from approaching individuals who are not comfortable with animals.

Finally, dogs smell our private parts  to make friends.

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