Why do dogs seek constant attention ?

Everyone knows that dogs like to get attention. These animals are constantly at the side of their owners, whether it is for stroking, cuddling, massage or food. Although in most cases this behavior does not lead to any inconvenience, it can become a more than serious problem if it results in attitudes of jealousy or destructive habits. The best solution to the problem (or the best way to avoid it) is to understand why dogs seek that constant attention.

When do they want to get attention?

The requests for attention are therefore an evolutionary response that domestication has given to dogs to ensure their survival.

This type of behavior becomes problematic when they tend to be reinforced by the owners who, unwittingly, end up rewarding them and accentuating their presence in the dog’s habits.

The same is true of excessive barking. It is easy for a dog to bark a little too much when the owner strokes it on the back and relaxes it. This tendency only reinforces negative behavior, as the dog will see barking as a way to get pats.

Some solutions

While preventing negative behavior is easier than correcting it, there are many strategies you can follow to cut the bad habits your dog has developed to get your attention.

it is not bad to pamper or spoil your pet a little. Both you and your dog must understand that there is a time for everything

  • Establish a strict schedule for your dog’s meals. This way he will get used to eating at certain times of the day.
  • Don’t give him food while you’re at the table, so he’ll get used to not asking.
  • Get him used to being alone since he was a puppy , but don’t leave him alone for a long period of time right away. Begin by leaving for a few minutes and gradually increase the length of your absence.
  • Teach him that it is not good to grunt at other dogs or people, unless it is a defensive measure and not determined by jealousy.
  • Keep in mind that in a dog’s mind the punishments represent a way of receiving attention , so even in this way you will reinforce the negative behaviors. The best thing to do is to ignore the animal so that it realizes that it will get nothing.
  • Watch your pet’s behaviors carefully, especially those related to anxiety (especially if he stops feeding) and aggression. If you deem it necessary, seek the advice of an expert in animal behavior or that of a veterinarian.