Why do dogs like to sunbathe?

Like humans, dogs also like to sunbathe. If you have a four-legged friend, you will have noticed that it often looks for a corner in the sun to relax. Many times you find them asleep under the rays of the sun. But why do these animals love being in the sun so much? Can the sun cause problems for their health?

In this article we will reveal the secret of this canine passion for the sun, showing you a series of really useful tips and information.

Sunbathing: the benefits for dogs

There are many reasons for your dog to sunbathe naturally. A very lively habit throughout the year, regardless of the time or season. First of all we can say that it is not a practice driven by pleasure. Enjoying the sun’s rays is good for the physical and mental state of the animal. For example:

  • It improves the absorption of Vitamin D. It is a substance that promotes the assimilation of calcium and other minerals. The sun, therefore, strengthens your dog’s bones and joints.
  • It makes the immune system stronger. Dogs that come into little contact with the sun and the external environment suffer more from minor diseases and pathologies. They will also be much sadder.
  • Relieves pain in older dogs suffering from joints. Pets of a certain age usually have rheumatic pathologies. Well, sunlight allows you to soothe any pains, improving the general state of the organism of the elderly dog.

Taking the sun, in the right doses and with due precautions, is good for dogs. It improves their physical and psychological state as well.

Sunbathing means relaxation and happiness

However, there are other interesting reasons why your dog loves sunbathing. This, in fact:

  • Promotes relaxation. A good sun bath is ideal for relaxing your dog. Your anxiety or stress levels will drop significantly due to exposure to sunlight.
  • Makes you happier. The sun activates the production of serotonin, the famous ‘happiness hormone’. A neurotransmitter that will keep the dog’s mood positive and stable. In other words, these animals let themselves be conquered by the sun’s rays, which produce serenity and well-being.

Other benefits of the sun in dogs

There are also more practical reasons for your four-legged friend to lie down in the sun. In particular, the sun helps them to:

  • Sleep better. Sunlight also works as an activator for another substance, melatonin. This allows to regulate the sleep cycle and promotes a healthier rest in the animal.
  • Offers warmth in cold seasons. It is normal for the dog to look for the sun, in autumn and winter, but also on days that are not particularly hot. There are specimens that are very sensitive to cold, such as elderly dogs or special breeds such as Chihuahuas for which warming up in the sun is a necessity of primary importance. Coming into contact with the sun’s rays allows them to raise the temperature and achieve greater physical well-being.

Dogs sunbathing: some precautions

Obviously, even with regard to exposure to the sun, the rule of the right measure applies. You should never leave your pet too long in the sun, especially during the warm seasons. Sunbathing must be a controlled and measured habit. There are indeed risks to your pet’s health. Such as for example sunstroke, dehydration and even sunburn. Here are some precautions to take into account:

  • In young dogs, developing and growing, too much sun leads to an increase in Vitamin D . Excess calcium contributes to abnormal growth of the jaw and teeth. Furthermore, it can promote alterations in the nervous, muscular and bone systems.
  • Animals with white or short hair are more exposed to the possibility of suffering from sunburn, heat stroke or sunstroke. The sun exposure must therefore be lower and always under your supervision.
  • Avoid dehydration by always providing your pet with copious amounts of fresh, clean water.

We have seen the benefits of sunbathing in dogs and a series of tips that will allow your four-legged friend to take advantage of the beautiful days without danger and in complete relaxation.

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