Why do dogs cry?

Few things cause us as much sadness as seeing our dog cry . However, it sometimes does so for no apparent cause. He was very quiet, and suddenly he starts to cry. What are the reasons why dogs cry?

These reasons can vary depending on the age of the dog, but we believe there are at least five main reasons for their crying . Hearing them cry hurts us, because we think we are doing something wrong, but in reality it is not.

In order for you to rest assured and for information, we will cover this topic in the following article.

The five reasons dogs cry

Dog behaviors are easy to misunderstand because we try to compare them to ours . What does a human do when they feel uncomfortable or when something causes them pain? He cries. But that doesn’t mean that these are also the reasons dogs do it.

They, unlike us, do not secrete tears and do not complain or moan when they are sad or something ails them. Just like barking, dog crying is also a form of communication.

Indeed, they have a great capacity for association. For this reason, it is possible that if your dog cries very often, he has already linked doing it with being cared for or receiving affection and is therefore doing it to get attention.

These are the main reasons dogs cry:

They miss their family

Puppies  are true experts in crying . One of the main reasons is that they would like to be with their family. When a puppy is born, there is a process called imprinting for which it must necessarily stay with its mother and siblings for the first two months of life in order to develop socialization.

Hence, it is possible for a puppy to spend all night crying. There are three things we can do.

  1. If you have seen how little dogs sleep with mothers and siblings, you will have noticed that they do so huddled together. So, if the puppy finds nothing near his body that makes him feel protected, he will cry. Arrange a blanket for him to curl up in and, if you see fit, take him to your room with you.
  2. A clock with hands may be able to calm him down.
  3. Look for a big stuffed toy, bigger than the dog, and place it in its bed so that it feels safe and can snuggle up to it.


There are many things that can cause fear in dogs. For example, moving to a new home, noises from outside, being left in another place for the holidays, being taken to the vet, or being alone.

Normally, the fear passes when the dog begins to feel more integrated into the family or when the owner comes back for him.


Each dog has its own particular way of communicating with its owners. For example, when hungry, many dogs choose to move the bowl with their paw to make a noise and let their owners know they need food or water.

However, others opt for crying. Although, generally, they will do so close to where they eat.

Pain or discomfort

If a dog is feeling unwell, he may communicate it to others with crying and moaning . The best thing, in this case, would be to take him to the vet, if you notice that he is also down. Above all, if you are certain that there has been no change in his life that could justify crying, a visit to the vet is essential.

Sometimes, manipulation

As we said earlier, dogs associate. If from an early age you have accustomed him to calm his cries with games or caresses, the animal knows it and now uses crying to get your attention.

The only way to get rid of this bad habit will be through professional training.

There is nothing better than getting to know your dog to understand why it is crying.

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