Why do cats wrap their tails around their paws?

You may have already seen your cat delicately wrap its tail around its paws, as if it wanted to create a cozy little cocoon or go inside its bubble. Generally, it adopts this behavior when it is sitting or lying down. But, even if this gesture may seem innocent, it actually means a lot!

1. It’s cold

In cold weather, it’s normal for your cat to wrap its tail around itself. Indeed, this allows them to warm up, to preserve the heat of their body. Its tail acts a bit like a blanket, in short. In this case, it will then tend to squat close to the ground and make itself as small as possible.

On the other hand, if it‘s sitting up straight with their ears, nose, and stomach exposed, it’s probably not cold. Indeed, these parts of the body are the most sensitive and therefore the first that it will seek to protect from the cold.

2. It does not want to be disturbed

If your cat is warm inside and sits in a corner of the room with this attitude, it’s a sign that it wants to be quiet. That is, you didn’t bother them with hugs and kisses.

Don’t take it for yourself, it doesn’t mean it’s in a bad mood either. But it just needs to relax, without you. Indeed, our feline friends sometimes appreciate having a little time for them to rest or to observe their environment without having to interact.

3. It doesn’t feel reassured

If your cat is sitting up straight with its tail curled around its body, chances are it‘s alert. Indeed, someone or something does not put them at ease and it uses their tail to create a physical barrier between them and the object of their concerns.

It’s exactly the same as someone crossing their arms over their chest, for example. Your cat feels nervous, even threatened, and uses its tail to protect itself. This is their defense posture.

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