Why do cats wiggle their butts before they pounce?

Does your cat have the curious habit of squatting low to the ground and wiggling its booty before jumping on prey, on a toy or even on your shin? This is completely normal behavior and we explain why!

A perfectly studied movement of the pelvis

This innate hunting method of swinging its tail and moving its buttocks before attacking, while staring at its prey, is not inherent in cats. Indeed, other felines, such as lions, tigers or leopards use it.

Some scientists believe that it is a technique allowing felines to propel themselves further forward, like springs.

But it can also be a way of testing their support, their balance, in order to be sure of a successful jump… and therefore of eating. Indeed, if the ground is loose or rocky, it is better to test its solidity before jumping, otherwise you risk putting yourself in danger or missing your prey. It’s a bit like an athlete trying to position their feet correctly before the final jump or sprint.

Finally, it can be a way to prepare their muscles, like a warm -up, while developing a strategy to jump in the best place and at the best time.

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