Why do cats wag their tails

Surely you are interested in knowing why cats wag their tails and what is the language of cats. At Petlifey, we explain what your feline wants to express according to the movement of its tail. Cats speak with their whole body, and your pussy’s tail is their form of communication.

Why do cats wag their tails and its meaning

A cat’s tail is an important indicator of your pussy’s behavior and mood.

Most of the time, your furry cat friend wags its tail especially for two reasons:

  • Because it is threatened by something or to show excitement or agitation.

Let’s see it in more detail:

The cat’s tail trembles

If you want to know the language in the way your cat wags its tail, you have to examine it closely. As time passes you will see patterns of behaviour that you will know how to predict and understand their personality.

If your pet’s tail is shaking or twitching, it can be for a number of reasons, depending on whether you move it slowly or quickly.

If you see that the tip of its tail vibrates, this means that it is irritated. But if, on the other hand, you detect that its tail twitches in general, this may be because your feline is very happy and wants to play.

The cat wags its tail back and forth

If you notice that your pet is swinging its tail back and forth, it means that it is about to attack.

This is the classic attitude of the feline when it watches over a possible prey in nature, the kittens move stealthily and wildly to make their prey move, in this way they can jump on it.

If you detect that your feline moves its tail in this way, get ready to play with it, although it may also be that it has seen an insect at home and wants to hunt it.

The cat wags its tail slowly

If your cat is calm and calm in your home and you watch them, you will notice that it is wagging its tail slowly from side to side. This means that your cat is happy and satisfied, it is also asking you to pet it, if you want.

The cat wags its tail very fast

On the other hand, if you detect that your kitten is moving its tail abruptly and very quickly it means that it is about to attack, it may hurt you if you do not retreat, this movement is a signal for you to understand that you should not approach it.

If your pet has this reaction, it is better not to bother them, since in its own way it is telling you that it does not want more pampering or caresses.

The cat has its tail between its legs

If you see that your cat has its tail between its legs, it is another way of making you see that it is not happy or that it is afraid.

This does not mean that it is angry with you, it may be because it has not achieved what it wanted, such as getting a toy or hunting something.

If your cat almost always has a low tail, it means that it is sad, and the lower its tail is, the worse it is.

The cat arches or puffs its tail

But there are movements of the tail of your pussy that reveal negative things. If your cat arches its tail and inflates it, it means that it is scared, that it is afraid and it may react aggressively against you and attack you if you do not leave it alone.

The cat’s tail is fully raised

If your cat’s tail is fully erect and / or with the tip bent, it means that it feels good, that it trusts you and that it is very comfortable, it is a clear sign of safety.

In this way, your furry friend tells you how happy it is to live in your house and with you.

If your pussy almost always has its tail raised, it means that it is a pussy with a full life. If your cat normally has its tail in this position, it is because it considers you to be its ideal human.

The cat wags its tail like a toy

On many occasions, your pussy’s tail can be like a toy. Sometimes, when a cat has had young, she wags her tail to entertain her puppies, thus controlling them and also stimulating them.

This is a way to encourage its hunting instinct, boost its motor system and motivate its curiosity.

The cat moves the tip of the tail

If their kitten moves the tip of its tail from right to left, something has caught its attention and does not cause fear or fear.

They are repetitive movements, in a resting or lying position, in a calm way. Show interest in something fun or just catch her eye.

The cat wags its tail erratically

To get to know your pet better and be its most faithful friend, you have to observe its movements.

Another thing you have to bear in mind is that if you detect that your pussy’s tail is moving erratically, that is, first it goes fast and then slowly, it has spasms or you detect any other unusual signal, we advise you to Go to the vet immediately, as your cat may be stressed and need treatment.

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