Why do cats sometimes disappear for days?

Does your cat have the annoying tendency to suddenly disappear for days? Then to come back like a flower, mostly hungry? Rest assured, this is not an isolated case. Many felines have a habit of leaving home and generating, in spite of themselves, real panic attacks in their owners. And for good reason, not seeing your cat come home for days is a real source of concern! But how to explain that your tomcat runs away like this? And where is it going? Answers!

Good to know: it is essential that your cat has a microchip, it is the surest way for those who find it to obtain your contact details.

1. It craves adventure

If your cat remains untraceable for several days, it is probably because It has moved away from their territory to satisfy their thirst for adventure. Indeed, our feline friends are often endowed with an insatiable curiosity that pushes them to explore their environment ever further.

Especially since the world holds so many things to discover: new smells, new places… It’s not surprising that a predator like a cat sometimes wants to get out of its routine!

2. It got lost

Unfortunately, it happens that cats, frightened by a loud noise or having ventured too far, get lost and can no longer find their way home. Note that cats never stray very far from their territory, rarely more than 200 meters, but it is enough that their hunting party has made them travel a longer distance for them to find themselves in unknown territory and get lost.

In this case, one trick to help your cat find its way home is to put its uncleaned litter box outside. Indeed, the latter is able to smell the familiar smell of their excrement two kilometers around!

3. It got stuck

If your cat has ventured into a tree, barn, or garage to take a nap, shelter from the rain, or chase prey, it’s entirely possible that it’s been trapped.

In this case, go around your neighborhood calling your cat, if It gets stuck It could start meowing when It hears your voice!

4. It wants to mate

Your cat is not sterilized? It may therefore have gone in search of a partner. It is more particularly the males who devote themselves to this task. They smell the scent of a cat in heat and are then ready to do anything to mate with It, even to fight with other cats.

Driven by their sexual instinct, cats can easily travel several kilometers and not show up for days. Note, however, that females in heat can also go in search of a partner. Even if they tend to move away less. The only solution? Sterilization!

5. It needs to be alone

Cats are very attached to their routine of life. Thus, the slightest change in their environment can be a source of stress for them.

So, if you’ve adopted a new pet or a baby has arrived in your family, your cat may feel overwhelmed by the sudden change. It then needs to get away for a while to relieve the pressure.

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