Why do cats snort

Have you ever wondered why cats snort? Felines can send us signals, but there is one of them that is striking: the cat hiss when they are upset or afraid. Pussycats do not speak, but they can send us a message through their body language. At Petlifey, we explain the reasons why cats snort.

Why does my cat hiss at me

Cats need to have their entire environment controlled, therefore, when something suddenly appears, they can feel very uncomfortable or they can snort, since for them that new “something” that has emerged from nowhere is a threat.

But your pet can also hiss for other reasons, for example, if there is a young cat who wants to play with them, but your kitten does not want to, because it is tired or for any other reason.

Could it be that your cat buffets you? If possible.

It may do it if it is threatened or if you “force” them to be on your lap if it does not want to. The question is: for what reason? Why do they snort?

What is cat snort

The snort is a warning. Pussycats are magnificent predators, but they avoid trouble whenever they can, especially if their “opponent” is a loved one (four-legged or two-legged).

It is the way they have to say “leave me alone”, “get away”. If you ignore this signal, it is most likely that it will bite or scratch you.

You have to bear in mind that, although a pussycat buff, does not mean that it is aggressive, since feline aggressiveness does not exist, because you have to think that, after an aggressive behaviour there is fear, insecurity, the fear that something will happen to it.

In the same way, there is always a cause for which it acts like this, be it physical (health issues) or psychological. Therefore, if your feline hisses at you, it is essential that you know why it does it. Only in this way can you prevent them from doing it again, and that way you can make him happy.

Reasons a cat can snort

As we have commented previously, there can be several causes and reasons why cats snort. Next, we explain the most common ones:

Cat hiss by age

Young or small kittens are the ones that usually hiss the most, the reason for this is that they are in a learning stage where for them to hiss is something natural when they play with you or with other puppies without you noticing. This way of behaving is lost over time.

When they get older, they feel weaker or unprotected. Therefore, in any new or uncomfortable situation, it is common for them to do so. But that doesn’t mean they love you less.

Cat hiss in pain

It may be the case that your furry friend feels pain, it does not have to be because it is injured, but because it may have an internal disorder that is difficult to diagnose due to arthritis or a hernia.

If your feline is used to hissing every time you pet them in a certain part of the body or hold them in your arms, it is essential that you take them to the vet so it can find out what the problem is.

Cat hissing out of fear

If you bring into your home a puppy that has already been in another home, it is likely that it will buzz and growl at you because it may have been mistreated by its other owners.

Although the snort can also be due to various causes such as misinterpreting an action that you have done that it has perceived as something violent.

Cat snort at something new

When kitties arrive in a new home, they are likely to snort at family members and also other pets that may be in the family environment.

And this occurs because they feel threatened since they are in a place they do not know and with beings they have never seen, although this situation does not usually last too long.

It takes patience for them to get used to its new home.

Cat hiss to mark territory

Pussycats are very territorial animals, therefore, it is possible that they will buzz at the presence of another cat, which can threaten their territory. You must look carefully if it is for this reason so that you can solve the issue.

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