Why do cats like to drop things so much?

If you are the proud owner of a cat, you may have already observed this strange and annoying habit in your feline: each time it jumps on a table, it is forced to knock down all the objects there. As if it wanted to clear the way somehow. But why so much determination? 

When your cat knocks over glasses, flower pots, food, and other items on the table, shelf, or dresser with their paw, it’s doing it on purpose. There is no doubt about it. It even seems like it’s a lot more fun for them when said objects shatter into a thousand pieces on contact with the ground… However, be sure of one thing: it doesn’t do it in a perverse or mean way. In reality, several reasons can explain such behavior.

1. To practice hunting

When a cat sees an object on the table, it is stronger than them, it must try to touch it. The reason? The cat is a particularly curious animal and whose hunting instinct is highly developed. Thus, when it sees an object, it needs to check that it is not moving and that it is indeed dead.

You will have understood it, when your cat deliberately pushes the crystal ashtray on the ground, it is simply because it considers it as potential prey and wants to make sure of it by tickling it a little with their paw. Don’t be angry, it’s their instinct that speaks…

2. To attract attention

If one day your cat accidentally dropped an object and noticed that it made you react, it is quite possible that it continues to get your attention.

In fact, seeking attention from their owner is a relatively common behavior in cats that live in apartments. The reason? They are bored all day and do not have enough interaction with their master when it returns home. They therefore often prefer to do stupid things in order to trigger a reaction, even negative, in their human. But it can also happen when the cat is hungry or its litter box is dirty.

In this case, the only solution is to pay a little more attention to your cat: play with them, cuddle them, in short, make them feel that you are there for them! And above all, don’t forget to meet all their basic needs by feeding them at regular times and changing their litter regularly.

3. To play

It is very common for cats to play a little with their prey before eating it. Thus, play is an innate behavior that our feline friends have developed throughout their childhood and adult life.

And when they see a pencil or a lipstick lying on the table (it’s better if it rolls), they can’t resist the temptation to move it to run after it!

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