Why do cats like high places so much?

Does your cat always tend to seek out the highest places in your house? Like the top of the refrigerator or the top of the cabinet? This is completely normal. These high places are in fact the vantage points of choice for the control freak that is the cat. Explanations.

1. Climb to hunt

In the wild, cats are predators but also prey. In order to reconcile these two natures, our feline friends have found the solution: climb as high as possible, especially in the trees. By positioning themselves in a height out of sight, they can observe their environment in peace.

Thus, they can spot prey from a distance that will constitute their future meal and take it by surprise. It is therefore an excellent way to hunt while remaining hidden.

2. Climb to protect themselves

In addition, these high places are eminently strategic since they allow cats to escape their own predators, the latter often being less agile than our feline friends.

So cats have learned to climb to survive, but let’s not forget they love it too! If your furball still enjoys climbing up your beautiful curtains today, it is often for fun!

However, taking refuge in a high place can also be a way for our domestic cats to escape the danger of dogs and children for example. Indeed, the fact of positioning themselves in height allows them to feel safe since they can control all the comings and goings while remaining out of reach.

So do not hesitate to hang shelves on the walls or buy climbing poles to allow your cat to indulge in his favorite activity: climbing.

3. Climb to dominate

Taking ownership of the highest place in the house can also be a way for the cat to secure its dominant position. Indeed, from its perch the dominant cat can watch its “kingdom” and thus be aware of all the activities of humans but also of other domestic animals.

And if another cat in the house tries to take over this perch, the dominant cat can become particularly aggressive …

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