Why do cats hiss? Is the cat angry?

We are going to describe the reasons why a cat is angry or angry in certain circumstances and what is the meaning of hissing.

Cats are animals that have broad body language, but when they snort, they are giving us a clear and concise message and it is their way of saying that “something worse” may come later, perhaps in the form of a bite. But it cannot always mean the same.

The snort and the open mouth showing its teeth are clear warnings that something is not right, but it is not always what it seems.

Angry cat, hissed to warn

If your cat is not liking something, be it a hair brushing, trimming its nails, a cat bath , waking it up in its best sleep, and even playing with it, when it does not want to, it is possible that even a cat calm and sociable, it buffets you to warn you that it does not want or does not like it. It’s its way of saying leave it alone. Nothing happens, in that case there is surely a better time to do it and offer a reward or prize later, is the best way to reassure it.

When cats snort out of fear

When a cat is faced with a situation that causes fear and insecurity, it may react by snorting.

This can happen when you have to go to the vet, when you receive a home visit that causes stress or when you put the vacuum cleaner. The latter, most cats detest.

Territorial snort of a cat

This can be common, when we decide to have more than one cat at home and it is time to get to know each other. In general, most cats are territorial and do not easily tolerate, at least initially, another cat in the same space.

Then there will be a series of continuous and prolonged snorts as a sign of non-acceptance, (mutual even) that usually cease over the days, until the situation normalizes.

Also a cat can hiss, when a person invades its space, that is, when someone gets too close.

When a cat hisses in pain

Cats hide illness well. By this we mean that it is an animal that sometimes endures pain, hardly complaining. If you have observed that your cat hisses and shows rejection when you go to hold or pet it, but as a general rule it is calm and cuddly, it may have some condition in some part of its body and it hurts to do so.

If the pain is also intense, it is possible that your cat huffs even before catching it.

In these cases you have to be attentive and if it occurs continuously, it is advisable to go to the vet, to rule out any trauma or serious condition.

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