Which cats have the most difficult temperament?

It is common thought that cats are wary, antisocial and opportunistic beings, light years away from what the dog can represent. The cat also has its own personality. There are very particular cats that have a very similar character to human ones, such as jealousy, touchiness and spasmodic love. In fact, cats have not been subjected to the same level of artificial selection as dogs, nor have they undergone specific breed development to perform specific tasks. Here are three specific breeds; the Persian, the Maine Coon and the Siamese.


For the lifestyle he leads, the Persian must have as peaceful a life as possible. Sometimes the Persian also has a repressed hunting instinct. It is a purebred cat par excellence. Particularly sociable, he adapts to live easily with everyone, both dogs and children, the important thing is that he does so from an early age, because the levels of stress that he could accumulate could lead him to have serious illnesses. It is a placid, calm and sedentary cat, its meows are rare and discreet. He has a marked propensity for small animals that he likes to play with rather than preying on them. The Persian it has a very particular massive and round silhouette, due to its long and dense coat (by combining all its hairs it is possible to reach a length of up to 370 km), and to its constitution (with a weight ranging from 3.3 to 4.2 kg).

Maine coon

The Maine coon is the king of vast environments. He doesn’t like being locked in the apartment, he loves to sleep snuggled and spoiled but he loves being out in the open if possible in the top of a tree like wild cats did. In the apartment, as in the open, he needs space to fully express himself. He is very big and has big enough legs that he will need a very experienced and sturdy playmate. The Maine coon is the largest purebred cat that currently exists. Often called the “giant sweet”, Maine coon reaches 10kg and the meter in length: for this reason this cat is recognized as a giant breed without equal in the world. The Maine coon is a playful and a great hunter, he loves to discover new environments, for this reason sterilization is recommended, because being a very curious and enterprising cat he could easily change territory. The Maine coon is the cat of the race of the opposing: imposing and majestic, but with a sociable, sweet and affectionate character. Balanced and robust, serene and powerful at the same time.


The Siamese is a cat that is usually jealous of their owner and environment in which they live. Possessive and very affectionate, he loves to play with children. He is a very suitable cat for company. The Siamese is one of the slimmest purebred cats in the world. He loves to eat refined foods both because he often suffers from intestinal problems and because he has a strong sense of taste. The Siamese has a lean and muscular body in perfect harmony with its dominant character traits: agility, dynamism and energy. Its fine bone and short fur (2-4cm) further refine its silhouette by bringing out a well-developed musculature. it is usually a quiet and sly cat, but if made angry it will carry a grudge for some time. It is a cat that does not forget easily, but he knows how to give boundless love. Its low weight (1.9 – 4.8kg) and its triangular head define the main somatic characteristics of this purebred cat, a true athlete among felines Siamese.

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