Where to buy a cat

If you have made the decision to buy instead of adopt, the first question you should ask yourself is: where to buy a cat ? It is important to do it in a place that offers complete guarantee on the origin, treatment and health of the animal. That they put at your disposal the documentation and updated vaccination records. At Petlifey, we explain where you can find the cat you want.

Cat breeders

The catteries are a source of supply of felines. Also, large cat-hobbyist associations have breeding clubs affiliated with them, and their members can provide you with the necessary information.

Advertisements in animal magazines and newspapers are another source of information for those who are trying to buy a cat with all the guarantees of health.

In the same way, at present, almost all cat breeders have a website where you can find out more and see photographs.

Pet shops

If you are looking for a feline, you have numerous sources at your disposal. Most pet stores sell cats, and responsible seller support.

If you buy your cat in a good pet store, you can also buy the necessary accessories there and possibly also find the food that your pet may need.

The pet shops prestigious interested in establishing a relationship with the client with a view to the future and make all necessary efforts to treat responsibly.

How much to pay for a cat

The price range of cats is extremely high. A skilled breeder knows how its animals develop, and its opinion of a kitten’s potential should be highly considered by a potential buyer.

Many times a breeder will reduce the price of a kitten if the buyer intends to show it, as this benefits the cattery.

If you buy a kitten under these conditions, you will have a moral obligation to fulfill the promise made to the breeder. You will contract the same moral obligation if you buy a kitten for reproduction.

Most breeders cooperate when they think buyers are serious about these matters. A breeder may agree on a payment plan with the buyer of an expensive specimen; normally this is established in writing in a sales contract .

Prices vary by race, color, and sex. In some areas, certain breeds are easier to obtain than others and are therefore less expensive than in an area where the breed is more rare. Also, some breeds are more expensive than others simply because they are more popular .

Many people think that if they pay a good price for something, whether it is a refrigerator, a dress, a house or a pet, they will take better care of it.

Although this is not always true, most of us have a tendency to value more what we have paid a high price for.

Finally, if you consider that you are buying something that should last a long time, you will see that you are not spending too much for a friend who will provide you with many joys and many happy hours over an extended period of time.

Waiting for the right cat

When you have carefully considered the breed, color and sex of the cat that you would like to have, you are ready to buy it. Don’t buy the first animal you see, unless it’s exactly what you had in mind.

All kittens are attractive and charming, but you should keep in mind that when they are adults their appearance and personality will be different. You may have to wait until you get a cat of the color or sex of your choice, but waiting will avoid disappointment later.

Remember that your pet will live with you for many years. Do not buy a cat with the intention of having it only until you get one of the exact type that you wanted.

Before buying a cat

Remember to check your kitten for fleas , ear mites, and similar parasites .

Get a complete medical history of the kitten and a list of its diet up to the time of purchase. Naturally, if you are buying a purebred cat, you should not forget its papers and documentation .

Companion cat, breeding cat, or exhibition specimen?

A companion cat is just that, a companion animal. Nothing is asked of them but company and affection.

For whatever reasons, a cat classified as a companion animal does not meet the ideal quality norms (standards) of the breed (established and regularly reviewed by experts). Often only the most experienced hobbyist is able to detect what the limitations of a companion cat are.

A breeder is a superior quality cat used to produce kittens. The responsible owner does not raise his females more than three times every two years.

stallion male can mate with several females during the year, but periodically he must be allowed to rest so that it can recover.

Show cats are what an owner considers their best specimens of the ideal breed standard. If exhibited regularly, these cats require a lot of grooming, and therefore consume much of their owner’s time.

Many male stallions are also show specimens, but most exhibited females do not have pups during the period of their life in which they are exhibited, since obviously reproduction places excessive demands on the optimal conditions required of a cat. of exhibition.

So far we have explained what the terms companion animal, breeding animal, and show specimen mean when used in the context of a fondness for cats.

As a prospective cat owner, your main interest is in purchasing a healthy cat of a certain breed, possibly a certain sex or age, and probably a certain color or colors.

If you have carefully selected what you wanted, and have had the patience to wait until you get it, you are almost guaranteed a long and enjoyable relationship with a wonderful animal.

Whether you decide to buy a pet cat , always treat them as a pet.

The affectionate contact between your cat highlights the relationship between human and animal. It contributes to the well-being and good temperament of the cat, at the same time increasing its own enjoyment, understanding and appreciation for the animal.

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