Where do cats go when they go out?

Your cat likes to go for walks outside the house. Sometimes he even goes away for long hours, then he ends up coming home like a flower. But where can he go during these absences? And above all, what does he do? We investigated!

1. He walks

In fact, several things can keep your cat outside. First, he can just… walk around. Yes, some felines like adventure and enjoy crossing the limits of their territory to explore new places or to expand their territory. In this case, they wander at random, according to their desires.

2. He makes his rounds

Your cat has demarcated a territory that belongs to him. The latter can be more or less large depending on the time (and the desire) that your feline has devoted to it. But in any case, your hairball must every day, or even several times a day, monitor this hard-earned territory in order to prevent any other cat from appropriating it.

To do this, it makes rounds and stops regularly to affix his olfactory (pheromones) and visual (claws) marks on different surfaces (trees, poles, hedges, etc.). The objective: to warn any intruder that it is in already conquered territory.

Good to know: the larger the territory of your cat, the longer it takes to explore it!

3. He hunts

An activity oh so important for many felines, hunting is one of the reasons that can push your cat to be away from home for so long. And if you are “lucky”, it will even bring you a dead or, worse, half-dead little animal. Yippee!

4. He is looking for a partner

If your cat isn’t spayed or neutered, chances are it’ll be spending long hours outdoors looking for a mate during mating season. And all the more so if it is a male. Indeed, males are able to smell a female in heat from miles away.

In order to dissuade your cat from going in search of love in this way, you have only one solution: sterilization.

5. He needs to isolate himself

At home, your cat may be over-stimulated by children or other animals, for example. Or else an event (new arrival in the family, death, work, etc.) upset his routine, which caused him stress. In any case, your little companion probably needs to be alone, the time to reduce the pressure.

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