When the dog licks in excess

When we talk about dogs, it is normal to refer to the pleasure they feel in licking the man, whether it is the owner, a guest who has just arrived at the house or a person with whom they are familiar. However, when this habit becomes excessive, it can turn out to be quite unpleasant. For this, today we will try to explain to you why your dog licks excessively.

The act of licking, in canine language, corresponds to a warm greeting, as well as being a way of showing affection and obedience. This habit occurs since the dog lives with the mother, since this, when she brings food to the hungry puppies, allows them to lick her mouth; this custom is no longer lost by the dog and becomes a synonym for “hello”.

Scolding the dog for such behavior, however, can lead to him feeling terribly confused. besides, it won’t help much, because the animal doesn’t know what it’s doing wrong.

The dog licks in excess. How to correct this behavior?

The ideal thing would be to teach them to perform another activity, incompatible with the act of licking. The action in question must concern a part of the body away from the muzzle which, due to its proximity to the mouth, represents the area that dogs love most to lick.

Teach your dog to settle in their bed after he gives you a first greeting. In this way, you will discourage any attempt on his part to fill you or your guests with licks.

It will also be very important to provide him with an object that it can bite, as often the fact of licking too much is linked to the need to bite into things. Also, being busy with such an interesting activity will distract their attention from the guests in your home.

Things to consider if your dog licks

Both the act of barking and that of licking are behaviors that take on multiple meanings in the social life of a dog and, since they are carried out for various reasons, are open to various interpretations.

Below we propose the list of the most common explanations:

  • The act of licking is an instinctive and innate behavior in dogs. When a mother licks their puppies and they lick each other to wash themselves or for other reasons, well we are facing the most typical behavior of dogs. In fact, this attitude can be considered the basis of any other canine behavior.
  • Licking to ask for something. This is the example of puppies licking their mother just before receiving food, or of a wolf licking another member of the pack, especially if it is a higher-ranking specimen, with the hope of being able to access the banquet. with the prey just caught.
  • According to some researchers, it is only a “sense”. Licking (and tasting) is like noticing something and touching it – a kind of exploration through saliva.
  • When a dog is looking for attention, he often uses his tongue. To get your attention, the animal may try to lick you, simply to say hello.
  • This can be a way to play. In these cases, licking becomes a mechanism of repression of the bite, particularly towards one’s owners. The dog will replace their teeth with their tongue during play sessions.
  • In many cases, the act of licking is not instinctive, but learned. Dogs learn that by licking their owner they will receive more attention, which is why they will adopt this habit on an increasing number of occasions.

What Happens When Your Dog Licks Too Much?

The only one who can determine if the dog licks excessively or not is the man, since in itself,  licking is part of the nature of every dog. Nevertheless, you too can train your dog to do it less frequently, especially if you notice that this attitude has taken on a compulsive character.

Dogs suffering from obsessive-compulsive behaviors can express themselves through an excessive tendency to lick. However, dogs with such ailments normally tend to make themselves the object of their immeasurable inclination to lick.

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