What vegetables can dogs eat?

Pumpkin, beans and even sweet potatoes are vegetables that get into the dog’s food, with benefits for the furry friend

Broccoli, cooked potatoes, carrots … Commercial dog food recipes are increasingly full of vegetables (and also fruits that dogs do eat ). But what if you want to give her vegetables at home? These foods can also be used to prepare various recipes, such as chicken with vegetables or cooked beans added to the croquettes , always under the supervision of the veterinarian or canine nutritionist, and even offer them as healthy dehydrated or frozen treats in summer . In the following lines you will learn about these and other suitable vegetables for your furry friend .

“All vegetables are recommended for dogs, especially green ones, such as peas, broccoli and green beans,” says Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez, veterinarian and dog nutritionist.

So what vegetables can you share with your dog and do they help create a more natural diet for him? Although vegetables in general “do not excite dogs”, they do provide them with benefits in the form of vitamins and fiber . Although dogs don’t need a lot of fiber, eating small amounts from vegetables, says this vet, benefits their digestive system. In addition, cooked and combined with foods that the dog eats with more taste, such as chicken meat, vegetables are a good complement.

And what vegetables are good for dogs? In general all vegetables are recommended, especially those of green color. This means that peas, broccoli, and even green beans can be a part of homemade dog recipes and also serve as a furry friend’s treat.

The important thing, maintains the vet, “is in the variety”. For this reason, he himself does not rule out in his recipes including carrots, cooked potatoes and even pumpkin , a vegetable that also likes and brings benefits to cats But the key is in the variety and in having the supervision of an expert in medicine and canine nutrition.

Sweet potatoes for dogs: a sweet and tasty tuber

Another vegetable the dog can eat? The sweet potato , a tuber that adds fiber to your diet, as well as vitamin B6, vitamin C and beta-carotene -also present in carrots-, an organic antioxidant pigment that acts as a precursor to vitamin A.

The potatoes will delight the dogs just slice them and dehydrate . There are dehydrating devices, but this can also be done in the sun, as long as they are ventilated on both sides, to prevent them from rotting. A treat that the dog will chew with furry taste!

How to give green beans to the dog? Green beans are a vegetable rich in fiber, in vitamin K and manganese. If your dog is prone to being overweight and even obese – like half of urban dogs, according to the Association for the Prevention of Obesity in Companion Animals – you can replace a small amount of his pellets with some green beans cut into pieces you can eat in one bite. It will be a healthy way to help you feel full while maintaining your ideal weight . Always remember to substitute a small amount of feed only and consult with your veterinarian.

And when the heat arrives? Many dogs even enjoy frozen green beans . A refreshing and healthy treat to cope with the high summer temperatures!

The important thing is to achieve a balanced diet for the dog.” If we feed the dog with enough protein, it is possible to offer vegetables and even fruits without problems. The guideline is not to fall into excess. Neither fruit nor vegetables should substitute for the dog’s usual diet, but rather be offered as prizes.

Vegetable recipe for dogs: how to prepare chicken with vegetables? The following homemade dog recipe combines vegetables with chicken. Chicken meat is a very good quality protein source for dogs; they also love it; and for us, it is one of the cheapest healthy meat sources available on the market. If we add to this the arachidonic acid (a fatty acid of the omega 6 family) present in the skin of the chicken and the vitamins in the vegetables, we will have a healthy and very delicious dish for the dogs.

The recipe includes 250 grams of chicken , an amount that can be a whole day’s ration of a small dog or half a food ration of a large one. What other ingredients are needed? Two potatoes, a carrot, half a zucchini and half an apple .

The first thing is to cut the vegetables into small cubes and cook them for about 15 minutes. When they are done, you have to drain them and crush them until you get a puree. This step can be faster with the help of a mixer. And now that? In a medium frying pan with a drizzle of oil, we sauté the chicken and the half apple cut into pieces. Important: remember to remove the seeds from the apple before, as they can be indigestible for the dog , even somewhat toxic. Now add the vegetable puree and mix well.

This tasty homemade dish should be allowed to cool to room temperature and offered to the dog in several servings. Bon appetit, dog friends!