What to do when you first get a Hamster Home

Having a hamster as a pet is an excellent decision ! These adorable little fuzzies are the choice of many when looking for a pet . They are affectionate, easy to care for, tender … But what is it like to have a hamster at home? In this article we are going to talk specifically about the first days, what you should do once the hamster gets home. We started!

Getting the Hamster Home:

When a hamster arrives in its new home, the first few days are essential to ensure that it adapts well and that it trusts you. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Spread a few handfuls of the substrate from his old cage in his new house . In addition, you should have the feeder and drinker ready.
  2. Now it’s time to put the hamster in its new cage; If you have transported it in a cardboard box, it is best to put it inside the cage and open it , letting the hamster come out. When it’s done, take out the box and close the cage.
  3. Now you must let him adjust to his new space in peace . You can go and leave him alone in the room; if you want to stay, that’s fine, but stay seated without making noise or sudden movements. It is very important that you stay calm and do not startle.
  4. Let him go through his adaptation process naturally – the first thing he will likely do is take refuge in his kennel. It is normal, do not bother or pressure him to leave.
  5. During the first week, it is better that you leave it to its air and do not take it out of the cage , or pick it up or touch it. Little by little he will explore his environment, do not force him to anything.
  6. After a few days, the hamster will have adapted : you will see that it comes out of its house, stretches, yawns, continues its twilight activity. Then you can, little by little, start to pull it out and earn its trust.

How to Gain the hamster’s trust

If you have a hamster as a pet, especially if it is the first, you may be wondering how to make the little one trust you. When your hamster has adapted to its environment, you can begin to tame it . It takes a little patience, but it’s not complicated:

  1. To get started, get yourself some hamster treats . At first, it is best to give them through the bars of the cage.
  2. Open the cage and put your hand with some food , the hamster will approach and climb on your hand to catch it. Do not make sudden movements or try to remove it, be delicate or it will scare.
  3. When he’s gotten used to taking food from your hand, you can try stroking him . The first few times, the chances are that he will run away; don’t force him, try next time. Little by little you will gain confidence.
  4. In a few days your hamster will have complete confidence in you and you will be able to take it out, pet it and play!

How to catch and hold a hamster

If you have a hamster as a pet, you will have noticed that it is a soft and delicate animal . That is why it is important that you learn the correct way to grasp and hold it without hurting it.

The container method

To begin with, it is recommended that you use this trick , especially if your hamster is not fully domesticated yet.

Put a little bit of substrate from their house in a cardboard box or jar , and put it in the cage; Wait for the hamster to get inside and then carefully remove it. Cover it tightly with your hand so it doesn’t fall off!

How to catch the hamster by hand

If your hamster is already used to contact with you, you can pick it up with your hands. Never put gloves on, with them you would lose perception when you grab it and you could be tightening too much, or otherwise, grab it too loose and it could fall. If you hold it in your hands and it still tries to bite you, it means that it is not ready, return to the canister method for now.

It covers the hamster above and behind, forming a kind of protective shield. Then put your hands together underneath and remove it from its cage. Be careful that it does not fall! A single fall is usually fatal for a hamster.

If it ever bites you, try not to make sudden movements or shake it , you could hurt it. Keep calm and put him back safely in his cage.

Hold the hamster by the neck

It is not recommended that you follow this method if you are a beginner . In fact, it takes a lot of practice and only pet professionals tend to handle them like this. It consists of grabbing the hamster by the fold of skin on its nape, just as its mother would, with her thumb and index finger . Although it seems a bit wild, this does not hurt them, but if you do not do it well they could turn and bite , especially the larger hamsters.

eye! Never, EVER, catch a hamster by surprise from above. You will think you have been hunted by a raptor and you will be scared. It is sure that it will bite you to defend itself.

It may take a little time, but don’t worry! Surely your hamster will get used to you and you will be able to take it without problems, play, put it on the wheel … It just takes a little patience and care.

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