What to do when the dog pees on the bed

Dogs use their own urine to mark territory . They want to show that it belongs to them, which is a forbidden space for other dogs. Despite this, in the transition from puppies to adult dogs, sometimes it happens that they get the “territory” wrong. They end up peeing where they shouldn’t, thus generating a habit that, if not eradicated, will stay with them for life.

Such erroneous territories can be a rug, a corner of a sofa, or something far worse: your bed! Why do they do this? How can we change this habit? Let’s see together how to answer these questions.

Why does a dog pee on the bed?

There are several reasons why a dog pees on the bed and they are not just about the instinct to mark their territory. They can reside in other hidden behaviors that you may not have even noticed.

  • Anxiety . Separation can cause anxiety in an animal. If you spend a lot of time away from home, your dog can come to experience a feeling of abandonment that leads him to urinate everywhere. If you think this may be the problem, contact your vet or animal psychologist.
  • Excitement . Especially as puppies, dogs have a tendency to get over-excited enough to pee on themselves. It’s like when we humans laugh so much that we can’t stop. When you play together, when you take him for a walk or when you come home in the evening, try to calm him down and help him control his emotions.
  • Bad education . If you let your dog pee in the house, he will end up believing that he is all his territory and will do his business when and where he wants. You must teach your pet that no part of the house is within its territory but, on the contrary, within yours. Never blame him when you realize he’s been doing it for a while: he won’t understand why you’re scolding him.
  • Health ailments . This is an option that cannot be ruled out, as your dog may have a urinary or kidney problem that causes him to have incontinence. He will therefore urinate wherever he happens, without thinking whether he is on the bed or on the terrace. If he continues to do this after you have educated him , see your vet.

How to prevent your dog from peeing on the bed

One of the main reasons for this behavior is that you allow the animal to sleep with you in the bed.

By nature, dogs need a pack leader. If, since he arrived in the house, he has recognized you as such, then he has certainly respected you . However, he did this until you made him sleep in your bed, thereby giving him the feeling of being your equal.

While perhaps before he thought of the bed as your special place, an area to which he had no access, now he is allowed to sleep in it. So for him it becomes a more common place than the whole house, a place that moreover feels like something of his own. What will it do, then, if not to mark its territory?

Ultimately, the advice is to avoid that the dog sleeps with you in the bed and that he gets on sofas or armchairs, at least until he learns to do his own business in the street.

However, if your dog pees on the bed, you can help him stop this behavior by following these simple steps:

  • Don’t scold him . If he hears you shout at it, he will feel fear and will not understand what you are talking about. In such conditions, it is easy for him to continue to behave in the same way.
  • Have a lot of patience . During the training, it is best that you close the door to your room. He must learn not to pee on the bed even when the door is open, but closing it during the initial stages can be of great help.
  • Set meal times. Feed your four-legged friend at the same time every day. Then, once he’s full, don’t leave the food there. Check that it does not go to your bed after having eaten your meal or after drinking , otherwise you may find another surprise in addition to the classic wet patch on the mattress.
  • Positive reinforcement . Instead of scolding him when something hurts, pay attention to when he obeys you and does his business where you want, then reward him. If the pet begins to report that urinating in the correct place brings him a nice treat , he is likely to continue on this path.
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