What to do to keep the animals posing for a photo

Your pet is in the perfect position to take one of those photos that will go down in history on your social media profiles . When you approach slowly and at the right time, your 4-legged friend gets up and leaves. How to make sure that it stays in a pose? 

This doesn’t seem like an easy task. You also tried taking pictures of him while he slept, but without success. It is as if the camera emanates a smell that your pet can pick up.

Today we will give you some tips with which you will be able to take beautiful pictures of your dog or cat.

If you want me to stand still to take a picture, follow these steps

In reality, even if it doesn’t look like it,  an animal doesn’t know what a camera is and what it’s for. He just doesn’t know how to behave. For this reason, if you think that taking a selfie with your furry friend is an impossible mission, with these tips it will be very easy to do it.

A photograph can do two things: capture a moment of life, or life in an instant.


Make sounds he knows

To make the animal look towards the lens, make sounds or noises that it can recognize,  such as a whistle.

If you want to take a selfie together, you need someone to help you. But if you want a close-up of your furry friend, make some sounds from behind the camera.

Let me familiarize you with the appliance

Dogs and cats want to escape from a camera or a cell phone with a camera because they are unknown objects to them. Let them look at them, let them smell them, let them hear the sound of the shutter or the flash.

The animal must be relaxed to look good in a photo. Therefore, do not force him to remain in the pose. Once he gets used to the object, he may be more inclined to let himself be photographed.

Use food

Use some food or snacks that he likes to make him sit still.

Show him from behind the lens and let him keep focused on them.

Another way to use these snacks is to teach him commands such as “stop” and, if he learns them, give them as a reward.

Get them to play games

Dogs are very fond of games and challenges. Things like drinking from the toilet bowl, or a hole in the door to walk through, a fence to jump over, or an open sack of food to eat from.

Catch him red-handed and you will get original and funny photos. If you are still unable to take them, your pet will be very happy to have done one of these pranks, and will succumb to your desire to take a great photograph.

Devices for mobile phones

Nowadays, everything is invented. Even objects to take a selfie with your 4-legged friend. There is a device that attaches to the phone , on which you can fix a game that your pet likes.

That way he’ll be focused on that and stay in the pose.

These are our tips for getting great photos of your cats and dogs. The days of escaping just at the sight of the machine are over.

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