What to do if the cat cuts itself

Felines play and get hurt, but how can we help them? Let’s see together what to do if your cat cuts itself.

Our four-legged friends are very agile and active, in fact we can see them climbing on furniture or trees when they are outdoors.

But it can often happen that cats can hurt and injure themselves, not only by playing alone but also when “fighting” with other cats. But what to do when our beloved cat gets cut? Let’s see together what needs to be done immediately after the feline is injured.

What to do if the cat cuts itself?

When we live with a cat or with several cats we are aware of the possible injuries that our furry friends could present and it is our job to do something about it.

But what should you do when your cat is injured? First of all it is appropriate to identify the wound . It is well known that our four-legged friends tend to hide or become aggressive when they are injured, for this reason it is necessary to speak to your feline in a calm tone of voice, while looking for the wounds.

Once the wound or cut is identified, it should be cleaned. This is because a fresh wound if not cleaned can cause infections and if neglected it can develop abscesses or secretions causing fever in the cat and other types of infections.

In case the feline cut is bleeding, it is necessary to stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the cut with a clean cloth or gauze.

If your cat has a small cut , you can clean it with a clean towel of clean water or an antiseptic solution. It is very important not to use witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol to clean the wound, as these products can cause further damage to the cat’s tissues.

On the other hand, if the cut is large and deep, it is advisable to clean only around the wound and let the specialist remove any fragments from the cat’s cut. In any case, in the doubt of the severity of the cut present in the feline, it is recommended to wrap the latter in a towel and take it to the vet .

Taking care of the cat’s cut over time

Once the wound has healed, it should always be kept clean and in good condition to avoid infection.

So make sure you clean it regularly using the specific products suggested by the vet. In case the latter has not prescribed anything, you can clean the wound using a cotton swab or a cotton swab with the diluted antiseptic.

It is also advisable to change the dressing every time the wound is cleaned. In the event that our four-legged friend presents in appetence , fever and his wound tends to swell, it is necessary to take him to the vet . The latter will prescribe the right therapy so that the cat can feel good.

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