What to do if a dog has been in an accident?

An accident, a bruise, wounds and even fractures, the risk is always latent. The daily walks of our dog can be the scenario of possible injuries. While waiting to take him to the vet, it is important to know how to act in an emergency to save the life of our pet.

Immediately after an accident, it is necessary to have the dog lie down on the right side and immediately cover him with a blanket.  A strong impact represents an important risk to the life of the animal. 

In the event that he faints, the neck must be placed in an upright shape to allow air to enter. Afterwards we will open his mouth trying to pull out his tongue carefully, in order to eliminate any rest of material that may prevent the passage of air.

How to check that the dog is breathing? Visually it is necessary to observe if the chest rises and falls. If you need to take his wrist, do it on the inside of the hind legs. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the number of pulsations for a dog that does not exceed 13 kilos is between 100 and 160 per minute.

We will count the number of dog beats for 15 seconds and multiply it by four to get the total beats per minute. Repeat this step to make sure the count is correct.

Transporting the dog to the vet or rescue center must be very delicate , as it can be bothersome and painful for the animal. It is advisable to cover it with a blanket and if it is being transported by car, it is not recommended to lay it on the vehicle floor. Braking could increase the damage and pain.

Wounds, haemorrhages, fractures …

  • In the event of bleeding , blood must be stopped as soon as possible. For this purpose, a moistened fabric bandage (the cotton leaves remains of fiber) can be applied. Once the bleeding is stopped, we will cut the hair around the wound so that it stays clean and heals sooner. After that, we’ll go to the vet right away.
  • If the injury was caused by another dog’s bite , in addition to cutting the fur around the affected area, we will also clean the area. For this purpose, we will use warm water and a mild disinfectant. Next, we will apply an antiseptic cream. If the wound is deep, go to the vet immediately.
  • When there is a fracture , it is necessary to act very carefully avoiding sudden movements. We can try to immobilize the injured area (if we have first aid knowledge) with a lace, a piece of fabric, etc. If we do not know how to intervene, it is not recommended to manipulate the area so as not to aggravate the situation.
  • Asphyxiation in water . If the animal presents symptoms of drowning and asphyxiation after falling into the water, it must be lifted from the hind legs. This way, we will allow the fluid to escape from the lungs. If we see that he is not breathing, we will have to revive him by exerting rhythmic pressure on both sides of the chest. One trick is to close the animal’s mouth tightly and blow with the other hand in the shape of a tube on the nostrils.

Possible case of poisoning

Poisoning and poisoning are other important risks for a dog walking outdoors. The symptoms of poisoning are clear: vomiting , nausea, convulsions . Foam may even appear from the mouth.

The first thing to do is identify the poison and keep a sample to show to the vet. In the meantime, we will make the animal drink milk or water, in order to dilute the poison.

If the toxic substance has already come into contact with the dog’s skin, wash it with plenty of water to prevent it from ingesting more poison by licking itself. To be sure, we can also cut his hair.

Eye problems

During a walk there are many risks for the eyes of our furry friend . From grains of sand to pointed branches.

If the dog is injured in the eyeball and keeps his eyelids closed, we should not force him to open his eyes.

First aid kit

Gloves, scissors, iodine, bandages, patches, clinical thermometer, cotton, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, gauze, etc.

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