What is the cat’s favorite food?

What is the cat’s favorite food? Knowing his tastes is very important, since, when it comes to the palate, he becomes very demanding! Let’s find out together!

Cats, as we know, can make life in the kitchen extremely difficult. When we introduce them to a new food they scrutinize us suspiciously, and like the best of chefs they smell the dish to give their opinion, often mouthing us without appeal. So it’s best to play it safe by serving a food that has their approval. But what is the cat’s favorite food? Let’s find out together.

The needs of the cat

We all think a bit, the cat is picky. In short, it seems to have many pretensions in terms of tastes, and often rejects our spirit of initiative without appeal. Have you dared to change the brand of kibble without his opinion? You made a big mistake …

Seriously, it’s good to debunk that belief. Behind the apparent snobbery of the cat there are real needs. DNA matters basically. In nature, the cat eats many meals throughout the day, and for this reason they are very contained.

In short, it prefers to hunt small prey, which ensure it always has fresh food. Many owners, on the other hand, usually leave the bowls full all day, going well beyond the daily amount of kibble that the cat needs. Result? The next day they will be dry and unappetizing for the cat, who will snub them.

A matter of… taste buds

Also, cats have a little problem with their sense of taste, which they haven’t developed as well as ours. The reason is simple: they have far fewer taste buds than ours. This influences them a lot especially towards foods they have never tasted.

In short, they will tend to be very suspicious, avoiding eating it. It is a survival instinct, which leads them to discard what they do not know, as it could hurt them.

The cat’s favorite food

So, as easily understood, the cat is an animal of habit also in feeding. But what is the cat’s favorite food? Let’s say that in principle he tends to favor exactly what he needs, and therefore his favorite food is meat.

That’s all? No, let’s say that there are many types of meat, and therefore it is good to specify which ones he loves. But first it is good to specify the cat, as a hunter as it is, loves raw meat very much. However, we know the dangers of serving raw food.

Therefore, despite this preference, it is always good to serve cooked meat to the cat.

What types of meat does the cat prefer

The cat prefers pork, which is always present in commercial products for sale to feed our feline. Immediately after we have a white meat, or chicken, which must always be served by removing the skin which is definitely very greasy.

On the third step of the podium is beef, which is one of the few exceptions in terms of meat, as it can also be served raw, if the food is fresh.

Other foods

Meat is undoubtedly a cat’s favorite food, but luckily it likes more. For instance? Obviously, fish is the second most popular food for cats, salmon and tuna above all. Also in this case the advice is to always serve it cooked, to avoid any problems for the cat.

Another very popular food is milk and derivatives in almost all forms, above all cheese and yogurt. Fruit, on the other hand, is not part of his natural diet; however there are some fruits that the cat can eat , as long as in moderation.

Indulge his tastes yes or no

Considering what are the tastes of the cat, we can say that it is necessary to indulge them, even if there are some exceptions. The cat is an almost exclusively carnivorous animal, so it cannot do without meat.

The only precaution is not to give it raw (except through specific products that are in the store) and to avoid excessively greasy parts. Fish are also doing well, as long as they play a marginal role in the cat’s diet. We consider that everything that is not meat can occupy a maximum of 10% of its diet.

Greater attention requires the consumption of milk and dairy products. Excessive consumption can cause constipation and diarrhea in cats. Better to sip consumption.

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