What is a Pedigree Cat?

Pedigree cat, contains important information, just like that of dogs, with some differences that can be interesting to know not only for professional breeders.

Pedigree cat: what it is

First of all, a cat is not officially purebred if it does not have a document that certifies it and this document is precisely the pedigree. It is a feline identity card on which we find the origin, the main characteristics, including the breed, if the cat is actually purebred.

This does not mean that we should not buy cats that do not have this document, but we avoid being scammed by those who swear to us that they are purebred but do not show any documents. The price is obviously very different, the tenderness and love we will have for the kitten does not depend on its pedigree, fortunately.

Pedigree cat ANFI

There are two ways to apply for the cat pedigree. If we are buying the cat from a breeder, we can get it at the time of purchase, we must in truth demand it if the price we pay is that of a purebred specimen.

For his part, the breeder will have already requested and filled in it personally, so everything should be regular and approved. It should, because in truth the law does not currently oblige the breeder to have a cat pedigree if he wants to sell purebred ones.

The second way that exists to have the cat pedigree is to contact Anfi, which has certified these felines since 1934. It is not your only activity, of course, but we can ask you for the forms to fill out for the request, including for example the breeding certificate, the birth certificate, the veterinary declaration and the change of ownership.

Pedigree cat: cost

The cat pedigree can cost around 20 USD, with an attached microchip. The price may vary from area to area but if we are faced with a much higher figure, it is better to investigate to avoid being scammed. There are various industry associations that can provide us with assistance and insights.

Pedigree cat online

To acquire information on the pedigree there are numerous sites in the sector, it is better to contact Aifi directly, which is the reference.

Pedigree Maine Coon cat

One of the cats whose pedigree is often asked is the Main Coon. The reason why some breeders may not have the pedigree is related to the obligation to report the entire litter. In fact, in the event that the litter was born from a cat that is too young, a fact prohibited by the regulations of the Associations, or from a pregnancy that is too close to the previous one, then the report of the litter is not made.

Consequently, pedigree cannot be asked for and obtained. This document, therefore, somehow also assures us that the breeder has respected the rules on mating and pregnancies.

The Main Coon also gives us the opportunity to talk about another practice not allowed by associations, that of unauthorized mating. The Maine Coon with a Turkish Angora cannot be mated.

Pedigree cat and races

To participate in cat races, it is necessary to have the pedigree of your cat.

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