Veterinary checkups for cats

The health of the cat is linked to tests, analyzes and veterinary checks essential for cats of all ages: let’s find out what they are and when to do them.

Adopting a cat and making it an integral part of the family is an incredible experience that brings with it many novelties: the first meeting with family members, getting used to the new home, the first visit to the vet are just a few examples.

Veterinary checks are obviously essential for the health and well-being of cats: visits, tests and analyzes can cure any ongoing illnesses and prevent even serious diseases that must be avoided absolutely.
But when is it essential to offer medical assistance to the cat? And what are the most important visits that should not be missed for any reason?

Veterinary visits and checks essential for cats

Let’s start by saying that kittens need veterinary visits and checks from an early age: the ideal is to take the kitten to the newly adopted veterinarian for the first time, in order to receive all the information necessary to take care of it (for example example on vaccines, deworming and other topics).

If you have adopted an orphaned kitten, it will be essential to contact the vet as soon as possible to find out everything you need about artificial feeding and the weaning of the feline puppy: at that age the kittens must be fed with a special bottle and require continuous assistance 24 hours a day.

After the first visit, the cat can generally undergo veterinary checks on an annual basis: during these visits, the veterinarian will check the general health of the cat and note the weight of the animal. In addition, he will make any recall in terms of vaccinations and will take care of the tests necessary for veterinary prevention.

Finally, the veterinarian will look for signs and symptoms of some diseases and disorders particularly common among cats, also through blood, urine and feces analysis: in particular, he will take care to evaluate the presence of vomiting and diarrhea problems, urinary tract infections, cat kidney disease, cancer or excessive weight changes.

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