Useful tips to Train a Kitten

If you’ve always wondered how to educate a newly brought home kitten, here are some rules to know. When we talk about cats, the people around us all think of one thing: INDEPENDENCE. Sure, the cat is an independent and solitary animal, but not all appearances are true! The cat tightens from an early age a very strong bond with his own human, perhaps more than the dog at times, which in the end if he is given food by a stranger he eats the same, the cat instead it recognizes environment and scents different from its owner. One thing not everyone thinks about is educating their kitten in very simple and intuitive commands for a kitten’s mind. However, by using the correct techniques and with great patience, it is possible to train your kitten to become a happy, healthy and obedient companion. We list below the short guide to educate our kitten.

Socialize with the kitten

We need to let the kitten spend its first eight weeks in the company of its mother and siblings. The kitten needs to be educated first of all by the mother, to then lead a life independent from the rest of the pack. Mom will teach him about bite inhibition, she will teach him how to play and when to stop playing. After weaning kittens have one month to learn to eat solid and dry foods. If, on the other hand, we have a cat that gives birth at home, we could help the mother in weaning, and it is still important to wait two months before separating them from the mother. Mum cat is important because she will teach the kitten how to dose strength and to use the litter box for toileting.

In the event that we decide to adopt a kitten we should always know if it was weaned from its mother or if it was taken from a litter, or found on the street and then weaned at home. We should try to avoid adopting kittens that have not performed the correct weaning with the mother because they may have behavioral pathologies as adults.

A very important thing for the kitten who has just arrived home is to make him socialize with as many people as possible during the first month of life: men, women, children, the elderly, people of different builds, will help the kitten to be less aggressive towards of strangers. The owner’s first goal will be to win the trust of their kitten in such a way that the typical behaviors of stray cats that are averse to humans are eradicated from the cat’s being.

First approaches with our kitten

The first rule to use with the kitten will be PATIENCE because the cat is a very independent animal and easily gets tired of behaviors that they do not like. Maybe lie down next to him to teach him to sit down and give you the paw with a treat you will certainly be less threatening and imposing.

Always use polite manners and positive reinforcement with tidbits when your cat does something right, without scolding him or rubbing his face about needs, which is the most wrong thing a master can do. Usually, if a cat is ignored as a result of misbehavior, he will stop meowing and scratching his nails on furniture to get our attention.

The cunning will lie in giving him tidbits always with a different flavor, perhaps with exotic and marine tastes in order to always attract his attention. Avoid scolding the kitten as much as possible because otherwise you will instill in him the sense of fear of the human being that every time he approaches him he will run away thinking he will be scolded. This behavior will lead him to find strategic points in the house where he can take refuge when you try to take him even just for a cuddle or to take him to the vet.

The favorite games for kittens from 0 to 3 months

We learn to use particular sounds exclusively to film the kitten when he does something wrong that he will be familiar with when he will be doing a wrong action without creating in him anxieties and fears about different sounds.

1.1 Using bags of catnip or simply seedlings of catnip to sprout will help our kitten to learn more quickly the positive stimuli we send him, thus avoiding taking him to environments and places where he could do damage. It will be enough to tear a few leaves from me and place them towards the printer towards its kennel or in places where we want the cat to play and rest. Not all cats are attracted to catnip, so we will have to teach ourselves with other methods such as valerian bags that cats love so much and we could let them play for hours.

1.2 We must grant private spaces to our cat where he can rest without fearing the attack or the sudden arrival of other people. To prevent him from climbing on balconies or curtains or in environments where he can get hurt we should simply use toys and catnip or appetizing treats and attract him to safer places so he will not be afraid of us he will run away animator we approach.

1.3 Try to play often with the kitten in such a way as to let him vent for at least half an hour a day and ultimately even before making him eat, try to stimulate the predatory sense, perhaps with toys tied to threads in such a way as to be able to vent its energies. This is a key part of a cat’s daily life, because without this type of stimulation, they can become moody or too agitated. Grab a toy, make the cat jump and run, before giving him his meal. Generally, these animals bathe and sleep after eating. Play with your kitty for at least 20 minutes a day or until he loses interest.

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