Tricks to protect the cat from firecrackers on New Year’s Eve

Half of the cats have a very real fear of firecrackers and fireworks typical of Christmas

More than half of cats have a very real fear of Christmas firecrackers and fireworks. And two out of ten felines are lost when they try to escape in terror from the noise they produce. So these tricks will serve to protect you from firecrackers and fireworks this Christmas.

  • Quiet room for the cat. The first tip to protect the feline from firecrackers and fireworks is to provide a quiet, semi-dark and safe stay indoors.
  • Reduce the noise of firecrackers. Tightly closed windows, as well as curtains and blinds, will help reduce noise inside the home. A radio or a television on will also be good allies to camouflage the effect of the external noise inside the house.
  • Shelter. Cats will feel safer if their hiding place or shelter during noise is familiar. For this, in addition to keeping them dark and providing them with food and drink, it is important to introduce their favourite bed of the room.
  • blankets. The blankets that it uses normally, as well as its favourite toys, also help to create a peaceful environment for the feline. It is also important to remember that frightened cats enjoy a shelter with a roof to hide in.
  • Hormones. Synthetic hormones or feline pheromones serve to reduce the fear of a fearful cat or with a phobia of firecrackers. This type of product is on sale in most veterinary centres and specialist feline stores, but it is advisable to consult your doctor first.
  • Close windows and doors. A frightened cat may try to run away from home. This explains why during the festive seasons, with firecrackers and fires, the danger of a feline getting lost grows.

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