Tricks to prevent your dog from stealing food

Your best friend’s sense of smell can be fooled if you hide the food in the refrigerator or kitchen cupboard.

Do you know the tricks to prevent your dog from stealing food? One of the most wrong behaviors, and to be corrected, with regard to dogs, is to take advantage of the negligence of you owners to eat something forbidden.

If you want to prevent your dog from stealing food , we recommend that you read the following article carefully. We will reveal a series of tricks to solve the problem, once and for all.

Why do dogs steal food?

In only a few cases, your four-legged friend steals food because he is hungry. This behavior is more the result of bad training than anything else.

If he has done this before and you have not told him anything, the animal will not understand that he is doing something he shouldn’t.

If you take him back but still make the same mistake, perhaps the punishment is too mild or the transmission of a command is inconsistent. Like, for example, feeding him straight from your plate.

One of the reasons your dog might steal food from the table is boredom. This way of doing can be considered as a kind of entertainment, something fun to do.

And even if, in the end, you scold it, the animal will have achieved its purpose. That is, to attract the attention of its owner.

Strange as it may sound, canine stress can lead your best friend to act this way.

If a dog is very dependent on his owner and, for some reason, is left alone for too long or is not pampered as before (for example after a newborn arrives at home), well he could use this trick to get noticed.

The animal personality is also linked to the type of behavior that is adopted to indulge a desire .

Therefore, if your pet is very greedy, it is almost “normal” that he will try to steal food as often as he can. The need to eat will always be his obsession!

And, of course, owners’ lack of boundaries is one of the main triggers for this behavior.

Even if the animal was adopted after suffering a lot, that doesn’t mean you should let it do what it wants. Like, in fact,  stealing food. Certainly, in the case of dogs taken from shelters or from the street it will be more difficult to change the wrong attitudes. But with perseverance and patience the results are guaranteed.

How to prevent your dog from stealing food?

It does not matter if this behavior has appeared recently or if it has already been noticed in the past. Sure, it’s easier to train and educate a puppy, but adult dogs can learn new things too.

It just takes a little more patience and, above all, perseverance.

So let’s see 4 tricks to prevent your dog from stealing food:

1. Always have him eat in the bowl

If you teach your puppy as a puppy that the only place he can eat is the bowl, this will be enough for him to understand that other areas of the house, such as the kitchen table, are off limits . Thus, he will get used to respecting people’s food.

2. Keep food out of her reach

It is true that animals can be very ingenious when it comes to stealing food or getting into trouble. However, you should always try not to leave any “temptation” in sight.

 Your best friend ‘s sense of smell can be fooled if you hide the dishes in the refrigerator or kitchen cupboards.

3. Teach him to stay calm while you dine

You have to be very careful when it comes time for lunch or dinner, because a very common mistake is to share a part of your menu with the dog.

While you are having your meal, sitting at the table, do not let the dog jump on your legs, put his paws on the table, or even worse, start barking for something. Don’t be fooled by her tender expression!

4. Stop him from eating on the street or from the garbage

Stealing food isn’t just something your dog can do at home by jumping on the table or kitchen counter.

Many dogs are attracted to the smell emanating from garbage bags, which are often left on the street.

It is a conduct that you will have to stop immediately. The animal, in addition to ingesting unsuitable, expired or toxic food (such as medicines or other), could risk being seriously injured in sensitive areas such as the mouth or tongue.

Educate him to leave waste alone, since he is a puppy.

All this happens because it has not been made clear to the animal when and where it can eat.

So, to prevent your dog from stealing food, take advantage of the tricks we have just revealed to you and insist on adequate and correct education to ensure the health and well-being of your dog.

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