Top 10 benefits of Having a dog as a pet

If you have had the opportunity to experience coexistence with a dog, you will know that this involves obligations regarding its well-being, such as meeting its food, hygiene, health, exercise needs, loving it and caring for it to the end. However, not everything in this relationship is giving because, in exchange for your attention, you receive unconditional and faithful love. Furthermore, numerous studies confirm that living with a pet brings direct benefits to people’s health. We explain below some benefits that derive from living with a dog.

1.- Dogs Reduces stress and anxiety

Petting a dog regularly generates tranquility and promotes relaxation; it could be as relaxing as yoga. Pampering your pet will reduce hypertension and cardiovascular problems, and will also help reduce the anxiety of  hyperactive children .

2.- Strengthen self-esteem

Our dog does not judge us or analyze us , but loves us as we are, with all our strengths and weaknesses. He shows it to us when we return home, welcoming us as if we were perfect. This is enough to brighten up anyone’s day.

3.- Reduces the sense of loneliness

Who owns a dog never finds the house empty, and this means that he does not suffer from loneliness. For this reason, dogs are the best company for people who live alone or who have to overcome trauma.

4.- Encourages exercise

Since dogs must engage in daily physical activity (the larger the dog, the greater the amount of exercise they will have to do), having one forces the owner to leave the house, and even enroll in certain special dog sports, such as the   dog-cross .

5.-Reduces allergies

Numerous studies show that children raised with a dog develop fewer allergies, and are less exposed to skin eczema, than those who don’t have one.

6.- Dogs help heal from diseases

It has happened that some dog owners recovered from their illnesses faster ,  especially when it comes to sudden attacks such as heart attack. Even in cases of epilepsy, the dog could detect in advance the proximity of an attack and alert his owner; Furthermore, we must not forget that dogs are an effective antidote to depression.

7.- Increase responsibility

Owning a dog means having to take care of a living being that is completely dependent on us. This increases our sense of responsibility towards our animal. This also happens in the case of children, who become more responsible when they own an animal, for example by missing school less.

8.- They improve the mood

Playing with our dog increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in our body, two hormones that control our feelings of pleasure and happiness. And only they are able to make us smile at the worst moments, with any gimmick.

9.- They are the perfect alarm

Dogs have much more developed hearing and smell than humans. This allows them to distinguish your habits from those of others. Therefore, he will recognize the sound of your car, your footsteps, your perfume… and he will know if it is you or a stranger who arrives home; as an alarm it is more effective and less expensive, particularly if it belongs to one of these breeds: Poodle, Caniche Airedale, Terrier, Chihuahua, Cairn Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Westy, Scottish Terrier, German Shepherd   or Rottweiler.

10.- Social benefits

People who own a dog have more social interactions than those who don’t. Going out for a walk with your 4-legged friend allows, for example, to chat with passers-by. Some studies also claim that  dog owners find mates earlier than those who do not.

In addition, dogs are used for social purposes, such as pet therapy, as guides for the blind, as aid for the police, for rescue or as guard and herd animals. Is there perhaps a more social animal than the dog?

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