Tips for traveling with cats this Christmas

Although cats are not friends of change, traveling in a ventilated carrier and away from the car’s heating helps the pet to be calmer.

Although cats prefer not to travel, as in everything there are exceptions. Traveling with your cat at Christmas? Putting the following tricks into practice will help your pussycat to be happy when driving this Christmas.

  • In carrier. A safe and comfortable trip with cats involves choosing a good feline carrier. Most vets agree to recommend those that are rigid and have racks, as they are safer.
  • Where to put it? The carrier must be placed on a seat, secured with the seat belt, or on the ground between the front and rear seats, so that it does not move and is well anchored.
  • Cats on board. The trips of the feline in the car have to be smooth. The volume of the stereo should be low and the windows of the vehicle turned all the way up, to avoid that the noises of the road can frighten you even more.
  • Meal. Cats that travel by car should be fed in the usual way, since a change in their diet will increase their feeling of discomfort and dizziness. But it is important to give them food at least three hours before going on the road, to prevent dizziness.
  • Breaks On long trips, it is necessary to make stops so that the animal drinks water and has the possibility of using its litter box, even if it does not always use it.
  • Dizziness Some cats get dizzy during car rides. That is why you have to take care that the carrier is ventilated and away from the heating duct.
  • Hormones. Before starting the trip, it is also worth visiting the vet, because he can prescribe a light sedative that will help the pet to be calmer. In addition, it is advisable to vaporize the vehicle half an hour before with synthetic pheromones for cats.

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