Tips for making videos of cats and dogs

You should never force an animal to do something against its will or expose it to dangerous or unpleasant situations.

Do you want to know how to make videos of cats and dogs ? Pets constantly surprise us with their sympathy and really funny attitudes. In a super technological era, many owners have the opportunity to make their beloved companions famous on social networks. In this article, we will reveal some tricks for making videos of cats and dogs and turning your four-legged friend into a viral phenomenon of the web.

Tricks for making videos of viral dogs and cats

Making videos of cats and dogs can be a great idea for sharing fun moments with family or friends. Now, it is important to be cautious, so that this cute pastime does not become an unpleasant situation for your four-legged friends. Here are some tips for shooting hilarious and viral videos with your pet:

Respect your pet’s limits and wishes

Animals use their acute senses to perceive their environment and have their own way of understanding reality. Therefore, certain things that you find hilarious, on the contrary, can cause stress or annoyance in your dog or cat.

Recently, some videos in which these animals were frightened by a cucumber went viral. These recordings have made many people laugh, but the fact is that these kinds of “surprises” can cause anxiety and trauma in dogs and cats that are unfamiliar with or afraid of a certain object.

Before making a video with your pet, it is important to know what things they like and what they don’t.  It is always best to record your friend doing something he likes, without fear or situations potentially harmful to his emotional balance .

You should never force an animal to do something against its will or expose it to dangerous or unpleasant situations. This way, the registration will be a positive experience for both of you and the result will be even better.

Teach your pet some basic commands

Another important aspect to ensure safe and fun recording is to teach your dog or cat some basic commands. Many people believe that only dogs can memorize commands, tasks and tricks.

However, many other animals also have privileged cognitive ability and can learn easily.

Cats, dogs, birds, rodents, lizards, turtles . Each animal is unique and has unique abilities and characteristics, which we can capture in a video.

Logically, every animal also has some limitations due to its nature and its organism. Anyone can make great strides, whenever their owner applies positive reinforcement and shows patience and dedication.

Furthermore, it is interesting to take advantage of making a video of your pet showing his intelligence and desire to learn new things. Your friends and social network followers will enjoy seeing the various attempts: they will surely applaud every little progress!

Prepare the equipment for making videos of cats and dogs

To shoot a video of your pet, it will be essential to have patience, creativity and use a little technology. A good camera or a good cell phone will be your main tool for making these movies . In addition, you can also use tripods or other supports, if you want to participate in the video, next to your  animal friends .

To make the recording look better, you could prepare a scenario, using elements of your home decor or, from time to time, buying or building new landscaping elements.

With a little more practice, using these ornaments will become a breeze. Clothing is also important, without forgetting any special effects that you can add to the movie during the editing phase 

Set a video goal, write a small script and make it all happen as naturally as possible. The Internet people are hungry for quality content that is above all useful, original and surprising.

Define the style to create successful videos

Generally, creating and defining a fun and engaging style for the video increases its popularity. However, spontaneous videos, which retrace unexpected behaviors of your pets, can quickly win many “likes” on the web.

To get some ideas on how to get started, we recommend that you first take a look at how the competition fares. Maybe with a simple search on YouTube , or even taking a look at Instagram.

You will find thousands of supercreative recordings that will serve as a starting point for new finds. The intention is not to copy, but to get inspiration for a new style, suitable for your four-legged friends.

Enhance your pet videos with good  editing

When creating a video with your pets, it is possible that at first you will find yourself with recordings that are too long. The ‘ editing will be essential to optimize your creation and increase the chances that your pet can become a viral phenomenon.

Long videos are difficult to share and many social networks  only support short recordings.

You can also use some programs and  apps that allow you to edit videos and photos and make them even more fun. By applying filters, adding music and cutting out unnecessary parts, you will always be able to create the best pet videos that you have made and that can become a real fashion phenomenon on the Internet.