This is why your cat likes to lie on your lap

If there’s one time your cat looks forward to during the day, it’s when it can curl up on your lap for a nap. And we can’t say that it doesn’t make you happy! But why does it sit on your lap, or even on your chest, on your head, or even on your shoulders, and not next to you? Is it only because it loves you?

1. It seeks warmth

It’s well known that cats love heat, especially when they’re sleeping. And for good reason, this is when their body cools down the most.

Thus, they tend, especially in winter, to approach sources of heat to take their nap. It can then be a radiator, a sunny place or you!

2. It wants hugs

Sitting on your lap can also be your cat’s way of asking for hugs. Indeed, most cats like to be petted, this gesture reminding them of the pleasant sensations they felt when their mother groomed them.

3. It feels safe there

If your cat is sleeping on top of you, it’s probably because it knows it’s a safe place and you’ll protect them in case something goes wrong. Indeed, cats can only sleep in places where they feel completely safe.

The reason? In the wild, they are formidable predators as well as prey. Thus, they must take shelter from their own predators in order to be able to rest peacefully.

4. It likes your clothes

Whether it’s the smell or texture of the clothes you’re wearing or the blanket you’ve draped over your lap, your cat may feel irresistibly drawn to it.

Thus, some prefer fleece plaids and others very soft cotton bathrobes. The important thing is that your furball feels comfortable.

5. It loves you

Not only does your cat show you that it fully trusts you by lying on your lap, but it is also trying to make you understand that it appreciates you. Indeed, if you work all day and your cat only sees you at night, it is normal that it seeks your company.

Plus, it probably likes to feel the steady, soothing rhythm of your breathing and your heart. Your presence has the same effect on them as their purr on you, basically.

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