This is what your cat does in your absence

When you’re away from home, you may wonder what your cat is doing. No, your cat is certainly not a secret agent, on the other hand, it does not remain inactive when it is alone at home. We finally answer all your questions.

1. It falls into a deep sleep

You certainly suspect it, as when you are present, your cat is sleeping. And for good reason, cats sleep between 15 and 20 hours a day!

2. It spends their energy

When they are not sleeping, our little felines can sometimes be hyperactive and agitated in all directions.

  • It plays: cats like to play with everything that passes under their paws. This is how these born hunters maintain their predatory instincts, especially when they find small insects to follow.
  • It jumps everywhere: although they can sometimes be very serene and calm, cats need to exert themselves by exercising. That’s why they don’t hesitate to run at full speed through the house and climb your furniture.
  • It scratches their claws: your cat takes advantage of your absence to lacerate your curtains and your sofa. If you no longer want to have these kinds of unpleasant surprises, consider investing in a cat tree or a scratching post.

3. It snacks on what it finds

Many cats put anything they find in their mouths. This is why it is necessary to store the small objects present in your home in your absence. It also eats grass, an activity essential to their health as it helps them purge itself. Without grass at its disposal, it happens that the cat goes to other plants present in your interior, but some can be dangerous for it, even fatal. 

4. It rubs against your objects

To mark their territory, cats rub against all the furniture and various objects in the house. For the unluckiest, some cats urinate on it.

5. It keeps watch

It’s well known that cats are very curious, so they like to observe their surroundings. As soon as a movement or a noise surfaces, it intrigues them, so they like to check what is going on around them.

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