The Top Most loving dog breeds

Already in the famous definition of “man’s best friend” we recognize all the affection that dogs can give people . They are faithful, hardworking, obedient and responsible animals . They would lay down their lives for their masters, expecting nothing in return. Company and love without limits, dispensed every day to adults and children.

A feeling rewarded by many who welcome these truly special four-legged friends into their home , different in breed and type, but always unique.

Some specimens are distinguished by surprising physical qualities, for running, courage or perhaps physical strength. Others are famous for belonging to the most affectionate dog breeds .

8 most loving dog breeds

Foundlings or mestizos

For many people, there are no animals more grateful than those who have been given a second chance.  They are the raceless , the foundlings, the mongrels.

Dogs without pedigree are often despised for their “impure” character. Fortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

Once they find refuge and love, these loving dogs will multiply the love received. Their gratitude and fidelity is truly immense and lasts until the end of their days.

Golden Retriever

In addition to being physically graceful, like some kind of giant stuffed animal, these dogs are endowed with unique qualities and have a very friendly disposition. The Golden’s personality is a mix of tranquility and hyperactivity . They are docile animals and love to be among people, even if unknown.

Their relationship with children and other pets is practically flawless. Some Golden Retrievers never get tired of playing. We can say that, among the most affectionate purebred dogs , these undoubtedly occupy the highest step.


It is a very restless breed, but also quite versatile. It can perform watchdog duties efficiently. If the Boxer grows up in relaxed environments and in the presence of children, it turns out to be one of the funniest and most affectionate animals . They are like puppies that never grow up, always eager to play and have fun with their owners.


These little specimens are very sociable and loyal to their family group. They adapt smoothly and can live in both small apartments and larger places. Simply by observing this dog, the first feeling is to want to cuddle him. They always convey a lot of joy and happiness.

They are rarely aggressive and therefore perfect for environments with children . They only react if there is a danger to their family members.

Yorkshire Terrier

It is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world and also one of the most affectionate. These are lively and attentive specimens, also excellent for guarding. They are very intelligent and this often leads them to do some pranks …

Yorkshire is a very affectionate dog , tireless when it comes to playing. He also has a lot of patience: he lets himself be caressed for hours and even bears being combed. An ideal pastime if you have small girls with a passion for fashion.

German Shepherd

Very different from the Yorkshire Terrier, this dog is of considerable size and very courageous. He can easily carry out guard and control activities, being very friendly , thanks to a balanced personality and a fervent intelligence

His best quality is obedience, which makes him a very reliable dog indeed . It is easy to train and will protect your children as if they were his own.

St. Bernard

A giant with a heart of gold, the Saint Bernard is the babysitter dog par  excellence , thanks to his infinite patience and inexhaustible kindness. Its tolerance towards babies and children is truly amazing.

Easy to train, these wonderful dogs are always ready to follow your instructions. Docile with family members, they command respect for their size . Something that will keep all kinds of bad guys away.

Labrador Retriever

We close this special ranking with the cousin of the Golden Retriever, also belonging to one of the most affectionate dog breeds .

It is an almost perfect pet. The Labrador lives happily in contact with children and adults , adapts to life in small apartments or in large spacious houses. An ideal walking companion, he loves the sea, the countryside and the mountains. But it does not disdain home tranquility.

Easy to train, it reacts like no other breed to positive reinforcement. It performs perfectly as a guard dog, guide dog or police dog. Due to its gentleness and patience, it is also used in the best psychological support therapies.

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