The Panda Hamster or Syrian Hamster: appearance, nature, food, care, facts

It is not the most popular or widespread, but the truth is that the panda hamster is a really precious little animal. Have you never heard of this breed of hamster? Not many people know her, since the most famous are usually the Russians, generally. We talk about the panda in this post. Keep reading!

What is a Panda Hamster?

Although it is known by the name of panda hamster, it is not really a breed as such, but a variant of the Syrian hamster. Panda hamsters are black and white Syrian hamsters that have been bred separately to preserve that peculiar color line that resembles that of Asian bears. Panda Hamsters are loveable and love attention.

Panda Hamster: appearance

Panda hamsters are bi-colored, usually black and white , although there may be other combinations. They are generally the darkest color on the head and on the back of their body, with the white stripe in the center. They really look like panda bears! Only in miniature.

Panda Hamster: Temperament and nature

The panda hamster variety is not exactly the most sociable, in fact it is said that they prefer to live alone to live with humans. It is not uncommon for him to bite when he is surprised and manipulated, especially when he has just woken up.

On the other hand, they are very active and curious animals, so they need constant entertainment, both in the cage and out of it. Therefore, it is very important that you get a good wheel and a ball if you are going to have a panda hamster. Make sure the wheel is of good quality and that it supports its weight well, as it is a fairly large hamster compared to other breeds.

Panda Hamster: Feeding and diet

As with all hamsters in general, the best diet for the panda is varied and balanced. Get good quality pellets, but you can’t just base your diet on that! 

You will have to supplement them with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Remember to change and refill the fresh every day, hamsters tend to hide and accumulate food and they should not eat spoiled vegetables, they run the risk of getting sick if they do so.

Opt for whole grains, celery, berries, nuts, carrots, green leaves… And avoid sugary or high-fat foods, as they are harmful to health.

Panda Hamster: care and hygiene

  • Clean Their Bed One a Week
  • If you provide them with water in a bowl, clean and refill the bowl every day as it can get infected by hamster feces. If you give them water in a bottle, clean the bottle water once a week.
  • Give the hamster a soft bed. Do now use saw dust or wood chips as bedding as they can be dangerous for the hamster’s feet.
  • Refill their food when they run out
  • They love to be loved ! Hence handfeed them sometimes.

Facts about Panda Hamster or Syrian Hamsters:

  • Panda Hamsters are a variety of Syrian Hamsters
  • They are called Panda Hamsters are their color resembles a panda
  • Panda Hamsters are Nocturnal Rodents
  • They can grown unto 5 to 9 inches long. Their weight is about 5 ounces
  • Life expectancy of Panda Hamsters is 2 to 4 years.
  • Panda hamsters are loving creatures. But hey have a tendency to nip or bite.
  • Panda Hamsters over time can develop special affection for their owners.
  • Panda Hamsters are active and love exploring. They enjoy playing with toys.

Did you know that the panda is a variety of Syrian hamster?

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