The most suitable dog breeds for children

It is very important to know which dog breeds are best suited to living with children before taking a dog with you. If you choose a suitable one, the child will not take any risks. We know that many furry friends are able to bring cheer with their company into many people’s lives. And this regardless of age, race, etc.

Our list of dogs suitable for living with the little ones is based on statistical data that have been revealed in several studies that have made it possible to identify which are actually the most recommendable breeds .

Not everything depends on the good-natured appearance of the dog! As with books, dogs are not to be judged by appearance alone.


It is supposed that  the wolves have approached the man in search of shelter and the warmth of the fire. Consequently, man took advantage of this to improve his hunting strategy and to protect his family, making the wolf his ally. In this way, a bond was created. Little by little, the animal managed to live together with men, and got a new role, from which it benefited. Over time, their relationship tightened, making them both stronger.

Initially, the men and the wolves went hunting together, while the women looked after the house and the children. Thanks to the coexistence of wolves with men as protective animals, their character has become more and more docile.

The progressive transformation of the wolf into a dog has allowed man to know and distinguish the character of the different breeds. Throughout history, the dog has become a companion animal, and it is no wonder that it has been given the task of protecting even the children of royalty from an early age.

Today, thanks to the critical eye of humans, it is possible to know which breeds are best suited to children based on their natural temperament. In fact, the evolution of man is partly due to his coexistence with dogs.

How do you know if a dog is suitable for living with children?

There are no better or worse breeds. This criterion does not depend on the animal, but on the perspective from which it is viewed. The man makes comparisons according to the behavior of each dog, to choose the breed that he likes most or that suits him best. The important thing is to analyze the characteristics of the animal and evaluate if it is able to easily coexist with others.

To understand if the dog’s personality is able to adapt to the hyperactivity and curiosity  that characterize small children . To live with them, the animal must be obedient and must learn quickly, so it is preferable to choose an intelligent dog. Sweetness is also a very important factor.

You don’t necessarily have to choose a small dog. The size does not determine the behavior of the animal. Dogs don’t know what identity is. That’s why they shouldn’t be judged by looks, and why a Yorkshire can be as frightening as a Great Dane. Likewise, a dog that looks good aesthetically is not always suitable for children, such as the Cocker Spaniel.

Behavior and socialization

A dog’s behavior is determined 50% by the breed, while the remaining 50% by life experiences. For this,  all dogs must be carefully educated and must receive proper socialization before living with children. The socialization process teaches the animal to coexist peacefully with its fellow men and with other people. It would be ideal if it happened during its first 20 weeks of life.

The breeds that are best suited to children are those that are more socialized and respond positively to the training process.

You also need to take into consideration the size of the house you live in and the time to devote to it. Some breeds need to move a lot to release their energy, while others need more care for their coat or anatomical features.

What are the most suitable breeds?

Here is the list of breeds suitable for children based on scientific and statistical data that come from studies carried out all over the world:

1. German Shepherd

It is considered the second smartest dog in the world and one of the most child-friendly breeds. He learns quickly, obeys easily and loves to play with the little ones. This animal tends to protect children with a lot of love, as if they were her own puppies. She needs a lot of exercise every day. This breed has been, since the Middle Ages, the best company for families and the favorite of children. He is able to learn many tricks too.

2. Boxer

His amiable and affectionate character, his strength, his intelligence and physical stamina, transform him into an excellent watchdog for children. He is a very sweet and attentive companion. However, he needs exercise to release his energy, and a spacious place to live.

3. Poodles

These dogs are easy to manage, although they need to be brushed daily to prevent their coat from becoming sparse, and they also need to be shaved every so often. It is one of the smartest breeds in the world, occupying the top positions on the list. There are poodles of all sizes, from “Toy to” Giant “, so they adapt to live in any environment. They are playful, obedient, very loyal and affectionate. They love water and love to spend time indoors .

4. Beagle

This is a very friendly, active and medium to large sized dog. He loves to play with the little ones and can keep them entertained for hours. But he must be able to do exercises and walks every day.

5. Labrador (Retriever)

This breed is intelligent, affectionate, sweet and patient. It is the classic good-natured. He trains easily and learns commands quickly. It has a calm and energetic temperament: it is the family dog ​​par excellence.

6. Golden Retriever

They are the relatives of Labradors and like them they are intelligent , loyal, and mild-tempered. They learn and obey easily. They are less hyperactive, but their coat needs more care.

7. Collie

This is the breed from the famous movie “Lassie”. As we have already seen in this classic of cinema and television, this is a very intelligent dog with a beautiful character. It suits both the countryside and the city. It is a good choice for those who want a large and guardian animal. It needs space and a lot of attention due to its long hair. He loves games and caresses. It has been one of the most child-friendly dogs for many years.

8. Mestizos

Many times we don’t consider mixed breeds because we are used to choosing purebred dogs. However, mestizos also have many qualities. They are affectionate, very loyal and adapt easily. In a family, they are sweet and playful animals. Their size will depend on the breed they are crossed with, so they can be of various sizes.

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In conclusion, the most suitable breeds of dogs for children are those predisposed for coexistence with other members, and those that are obedient and affectionate. If the dog is not, by nature, the most suitable, the fault is ours, not the animal’s.

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