The most famous dogs in movies and TV

Have you ever stopped to think about the most famous dogs in show business? For years now, these gorgeous pets have entered our lives forcefully. Many are real celebrities, protagonists of many cartoons, films and TV shows.

In this article we want to take you on a journey through time to pay homage to the  most famous dogs that have kept us company throughout our youth. Surely to mention others, but these are certainly the most representative ones.

What are the most famous dogs in film and TV?


How many of you grew up watching Lassie  on television? Surely many, tens of thousands, perhaps millions. This dog was a Rough Collie female (in Italian: Longhaired Scottish Shepherd Dog) and  was the star of a series that bore her name , as well as many other films and series. He is the only animal (besides Mickey and Bugs Bunny, who are fictional) to have earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


The Akita Nui who embodied the dog Hachiko in the film of the same name, based on his true story, was one of the most loved dogs by viewers . The film, while sad, broke box office records in many countries. His story is truly moving and even a statue has been dedicated to him in Japan .


The black puppy from the hugely popular  1939 film  The Wizard of Oz was a black terrier and was actually named Terry. He was the protagonist of other series and films, and in all of them he had an even more important role than the previous one. A true  star of the small and big screen.


How could we forget this nice and chubby troublemaker? Entering as a puppy in the house of Charles Grodin, he will become huge as an adult, combining all the colors.

This 1992 film made millions of children laugh out loud all over the world and, many of them, left the cinemas throwing a tantrum because they wanted to adopt a Saint Bernard right away !


Uggie had an extraordinary role in the 2011 silent and black and white film, entitled  The Artist , which even won an Academy Award. His performance was truly excellent, to the point of allowing him to take home two coveted prizes, the  Palm Dog Award  at the Cannes Film Festival and the Golden Collar Awards  for Best Dog in a Film.

White Fang

Fruit of the pen of the writer Jack London, you will surely remember the husky who interpreted the film version of the famous book. When he lived happily in western Canada, it was sold to an unscrupulous owner who used it for dog fighting. His struggle to win the freedom he has stolen from him will be tortuous and long. But he will make it in the end.


Perhaps when we talked about the most famous dogs in cinema and TV, some of you immediately thought of the most eccentric and irreverent of all: the famous Frank the Pug, one of the protagonists of the futuristic comic film  Men in Black .

Thanks to this film, the Pug breed became very popular all over the world. If you have one of these specimens, beware: how Frank could be a Remoolian alien hiding on Earth …


A married couple falls in love with a little Labrador who will turn their lives upside down . Broadly speaking, this is the script for the 2008 film Me & Marley , starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston.

There will be times when the couple even thinks they should get rid of him, but their bond is stronger than their desperation.

The most famous cartoon dogs

After seeing some of the most famous dogs in cinema and TV, it is worth dedicating a few lines to pay homage to their imaginary colleagues as well.

Even if they weren’t real, they too entered the homes of many spectators, filling our childhoods with color . When we were children we believed that they really existed, and today, as adults, perhaps we feel a little nostalgia for that naive and joyful era.

  • Fog . Heidi’s great Saint Bernard, who made it difficult to move.
  • Pluto . He always got into trouble, he was a bit of a boozy but so sweet that everyone forgave him.
  • Snoopy . He became the leader of a gang of children without anyone noticing.
  • Scooby Doo: The cowardly dog, forced to be a detective by solving mysterious puzzles.
  • Slinky . The hilarious dachshund from Toy Story, an absolutely unforgettable character.

These are the most famous dogs from movies, TV and cartoons that we wanted to remember. If we have forgotten any, please comment on this article and let us know!

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