The cat trembles while sleeping: the causes

Looking at cat, did you notice any tremors while he rests? The reasons could be different: from cold to dreams to health problems. Here’s how to understand why a cat trembles when he sleeps.

The careful observation of the cat is of fundamental importance to know him and to recognize health problems and behavioral changes in time. If you watch your cat even while he sleeps and have noticed that he is moving or shaking while sleeping, you will need to try to understand why. Kitty may shiver because he is dreaming, because he is cold or because he has a health problem.

Causes of cat tremor while sleeping

As anticipated, the cat trembles because it is dreaming. Yes, even cat as the dog and as the man dreams during the rest so you will not have to worry. Several studies have shown that the brain activity of cats in the deep sleep phase is very similar to that of humans and therefore the feline can move its limbs, facial muscles or eyelids. What is not known yet is what cats dream about.

Your beloved four-legged friend may shiver in his sleep because he is cold. In situations of particularly cold temperatures or if there is a current of air right where the cat is resting, you will notice movements, shivers and tremors, and cat will curl up to warm up. What you need to do is cover him with a blanket or provide him with extra quilts.

Sometimes tremors can be a sign of health problems and, as usual, the observation of cat’s behavior becomes of fundamental importance. The cat also feels pain and the latter is often associated with chills and unusual movements.

If the cat trembles while sleeping and has never done this before, if it trembles even when awake and behaves differently from usual first) you will need to take him to the vet for a visit.

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