The cat meows with the bowl half full – why?

Anyone who has a cat in the house knows what we are talking about: why does the cat meow even if the bowl is half full? The explanation is there and we will tell you about it

If you have chosen to adopt a cat or maybe you even have more than one feline at home, you will surely have noticed all the strange and slightly crafty behaviors that these animals put into practice every day: among these, there is something that we really do not succeed to explain to us and concerns the time of the baby food.

The cat, in fact, has the strange habit of meowing even if its bowl is still half full and often does not decide to eat until we fill it completely: but why does it do it? It seems really absurd and inexplicable, however we can not help but give up to make it stop.

So let’s see why the cat meows with the bowl half full and if there is anything we can do to at least partially circumvent the problem.

Cat meows with the bowl half full: cunning or necessity?

Cats, as we know, are very intelligent animals and often manage to convince their humans to do whatever they like: it is not unusual for a cat to be more affectionate than usual brazenly for their own personal account, even if it is undeniable that cats are very attached to their owners.

Among the things that the cat loves the most in the world there is certainly food, even if the cat is famous for being very picky in front of the bowl: in short, a cat loves to eat but must find what he likes on his plate, and not only… Also in the form and quantity you want!

Cats have preferences in terms of bowls and also the filling of the latter: this explains the main reason why the cat meows when the bowl is half full. However, there are a number of possible causes for this behavior, all of which need to be investigated.

1. Cat is a far- sighted animal and looks to the future, so he worries that, once he has eaten what is left in his bowl, the latter will remain empty and starts meowing to sound a real alarm.
If this is the reason, a quick and easy solution is to shake the bowl a little to redistribute the food to cover the bottom: your cat will seem all right and will resume eating without problems.

2. Obviously, this persistent and sometimes annoying behavior contributes a lot to the habit: we know that cats are animals that learn quickly and it is easy for them to get used to the equation “I meow = he pleases me”. A good idea, therefore, is to get him used to not always getting food every time he asks for it since he was a puppy.

3. There are other possible reasons why the cat may complain even if the bowl is half full: it could be that the food has been there for too long and has become a bit stale. This happens especially when you choose to feed the cat with dry food: the treats remain in the air and the cat does not like them anymore.

4. Finally, the cat is an animal that loves to eat in company: if there are no other cats in the house, it is possible that it will start meowing even if the bowl is not yet empty because it wants company. It is not uncommon to find cats that only eat if someone strokes them at mealtimes.

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