The Cat has a closed eye: possible causes and remedies to heal it

What does it mean when the cat has one eye closed and just can’t keep it open? Let’s see all the possible causes and solutions for this Pussycat problem.

Among the most fascinating characteristics of a domestic feline there is certainly the look. Small, large and of all shapes, the cat’s eyes have always been one of its strengths. Like all parts of his body, the eyes are also subject to problems and diseases: for this reason, you must always keep them under control and notice even the slightest change. So what does it mean if a cat has a closed eye and how to solve this problem which can also have significant effects on its quality of life.

The cat has a closed eye: a frequent ocular pathology

As beautiful as they are delicate: so are the eyes of our pet cat. And this is why we must always pay particular attention to even the slightest change that we can notice both in color, in shape but also in the attitude of our feline.

In fact, if we notice that the animal has difficulty keeping one or both eyes open, does it mean that something is preventing it: a health problem, a temporary annoyance or something else? Let’s say that feline eye diseases are quite common, unfortunately. But the fact that they are frequent does not mean that they should be ‘underestimated’: as soon as we notice something strange, it is advisable to contact the vet immediately.

The cat has a closed eye: signs and causes

Not only the closed eye but also the presence of tears? It is likely that when the eyes become irritated and red they may water. In reality, tears are not ‘negative’: they constitute the body’s response to external agents that stimulate it.

The discharge can also be yellowish, bloody and even with a bad smell: however, the cat does not necessarily feel pain. Sometimes it can even be just a slight annoyance, other times it may be so strong that you don’t even want to be touched.

Among the most common causes of a cat that tends to keep its eye closed, there is conjunctivitis which, in turn, can be bacterial, parasitic or linked to an accident-trauma.

It could also be a corneal ulcer, much more serious than simple conjunctivitis. Finally, the closed eye problem could also be an effect on the body of a disease involving the cat’s nervous system, such as some neurological problems and Horner’s syndrome (although cases of Horner’s syndrome in dogs are more frequent ).

The cat has his eye closed: how can we help him

Being helpless in front of a cat who can’t keep his eye open is frustrating, so it goes without saying how we can help him. In reality, both if we notice an external element that may have entered his eye and if we think there is an underlying pathology, it is necessary to bring the cat to visit the vet.

Usually if the cause is conjunctivitis, the recommended and prescribed treatment is based on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, in the form of practical eye drops to be inserted directly into the cat’s eye. If, on the other hand, we notice the presence of pus or other yellowish secretions, the doctor may indicate a cure with antibiotic tablets and pills.

In the latter case, the so-called Pill Eater for the cat can be very useful, a feed that favors the intake of these medicines for our cat. It is obvious that it will be essential for the animal to feel our presence, so even if with chamomile compresses and other remedies for the cat’s eye irritations, let’s stay close to him and he will be happy.

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