The cat eats the dog’s kibble: what happens in this case

Do you have a very greedy cat? If your cat eats (also) dog kibble it is appropriate what are the pros and cons of this food for our feline.

We must never think that our food is good for cats and dogs, nor that the two pets par excellence can play and exchange bowls. So if the cat eats dog kibble because it finds them particularly tasty compared to its diet, it is advisable to understand if there are risks to the health of our beloved domestic feline.

Dog food and cat food in comparison: substantial differences

If well-being starts from nutrition, we can imagine how a specific diet for the needs of our animal can guarantee him a long and healthy life. But not all foods are good for one or the other indifferently: so let’s see what they differ in and why.

  • Taurine: together with arachidonic acid are amino acids and acids necessary for the health of the cat, as its body is not able to produce them on its own. It is a particularly protein food, which dogs don’t really need or at least don’t need that type of protein.
  • Vitamin A: abundant in cat food and scarce in Fido’s. In fact, the dog’s body is able to assimilate beta-carotene and assimilate the vitamin A present.

This means that if the cat eats the dog’s kibble it could have a protein intake lower than its needs and, over time, this would lead to serious problems for its health. not to mention the absence of taurine, which is absolutely essential for his body.

The cat eats the dog’s dry food: what are the risks

In any case, it is quite rare for a cat to find dog food tasty because, compared to his, Fido’s is less tasty and absolutely not salty. Wet cat food responds to certain needs, so it is normal to wonder what risks the intake of kibble and therefore dry dog ​​food would entail.

It is obvious that if the cat steals and gulps a dog kibble once and for all, nothing happens, but the fact is this preference must not be in any way prolonged nor encouraged.

In fact, the food of one is not good for the other and vice versa, because food shortages would begin to create many problems for the organism. In the case of a cat that eats dog kibble we can immediately notice a dulling of the hair and problems with the visual system, with retinal degeneration and blindness.

Furthermore, dog food can easily be very heavy and difficult for the cat to digest, so much so as to create an intestinal blockage and other intestinal disorders in the cat.

The cat eats the dog’s dry food: what to do

First of all, we must prevent this from happening, then make it impossible (or at least difficult) for the cat to get to the dog’s bowl. When the two animals live together, any food residues of Fido must be immediately removed from the cat’s paw reach.

It might be useful to put the bowls in two different rooms or, in the absence of a lot of space available, at least far away. If you see that one is approaching ‘dangerously’ to the other’s food, make a noise to distract him from his intention.

In fact, in addition to the not very tasty food, it is unlikely that a cat will be able to reach the dog’s bowl because the latter is so voracious and hungry as to leave no trace available.

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