The benefits of walking the dog

Anyone who has a dog knows perfectly well that taking your pet out doesn’t just mean making him go to the toilet . Everyone knows that having a dog carries a great responsibility. In fact, it is necessary to satisfy all his basic needs , such as food, health, play and… take him for a walk every day. You need to know that there are breeds that need to stay out longer and go out several times a day.

In this article we will show you the many benefits that come from walking the dog, and not only for the health of the animal, but also for that of the owner and other members of the family. Would you like to know more?

Benefits of the walk for the dog

Taking the dog out several times a day benefits the dog’s physical health and state of mind. These outputs act as “mental activation” and develop the intelligence of the animal.

Walking  strengthens the bond between the owner and the animal . The dog values ​​who gives him food and who takes him out. Take advantage of these outings to play with him and to strengthen  the bond that unites you. 

As everyone knows, the dog’s olfactory ability is exceptional, but it must be exercised constantly to prevent it from atrophying. When the dog goes out,  take the opportunity to smell everything. The olfactory exploration is a way for the dog to get to know the surrounding environment.

Dogs that routinely hang out with their owners have been shown to be more sociable , both with humans and with other dogs. It is nice to see your dog in the park playing with his fellows. Socializing prevents your faithful friend from being aggressive or suffering from depression .

Once he returns home from his walk, the dog will be tired and ready to take a nap. Greater energy expenditure  prevents the dog from being  hyperactive, anxious or stressed . Furthermore, while the dog rests peacefully you can devote yourself to your daily chores.

Going out is a way for the dog to get used to smells, noise, people and other animals. So that if for example a loud noise is produced, he will not be frightened because it will be something absolutely normal for him.

Benefits of the walk, for you

Who said that walking is only good for the dog? It has been shown that walking the dog also benefits the health of the owner.

Nowadays life is practically sedentary, you hardly have the time to dedicate to yourself and even less to do physical exercise. It is for this reason that going out for a walk with your dog will not only be an opportunity for your pet to exercise, but to do it yourself. You will have less chance of suffering from diabetes and, at the same time, you will be safeguarding the health of your  heart .

As we said before, regarding the benefits of the walk for the dog, this playful moment  strengthens the bond between the animal and the owner. You will learn to interpret your dog’s behaviors and you will know his every movement.

It is also an excuse to make new friends and to get to know other owners who, like you, take their dog out. You will have a conversation topic, exchanging opinions and anecdotes about your faithful friends , for example  .

These outings with the dog also increase your self-esteem by  reducing the risk of depression.

There are many people who do not have enough time to take their dog out and who are forced to turn to someone to do it for them. This is not a bad idea, since going out is a fundamental need for the dog. Remember, however, that by doing so  you are missing out on a very important part of the relationship with your dog .

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