The benefits of taking your pets to a psychologist

If until a few years ago we had been told that we could take our dog to the psychologist , we probably would not have believed it. However, the certain thing is that nowadays, thanks to research and studies on the emotional world of animals, there are many owners who go to the psychologist with their furry friends. We need to consider that  our canine friends not only need food, water and a home,  but also love, companionship and relationships with their peers to be happy and achieve inner balance.

Not all cases need to go to the psychologist

It is obvious that not all dogs need to be taken to an expert in  canine behavior but, on occasion, and in specific cases, the need to go to a dog psychologist may arise.

Dogs are social animals, and they show their suffering and mental situation in many different ways. Because of this, due to hostile and traumatic circumstances, behavioral problems can arise, which the owners do not know how to solve.

If the animal has spent a lot of time alone, without contact with his fellow men and with his human family , behavior problems can arise. This fact has influenced the fact that experts in canine behavior have more patients than a few years ago.

Emotional deficiencies in the dog

Dogs share all their days with people, very closely, especially in cities. These are animals that have a temperament, a character, an intelligence and needs that are not always physical, but also emotional and psychological.

As happens to humans, if the dog has a psychological problem that triggers behavioral abnormalities, it may require specific attention,  and canine ethologists and psychologists are the right professionals to deal with these problems.

How to tell if your dog needs a canine psychologist

It is not a symptom of bad education of the dog the reason why, in the face of certain circumstances, it reacts in an inadequate and unusual way. Often the bosses don’t know how to deal with the problem.

In these cases it is advisable to seek the help of a professional: you can start by consulting a veterinarian to give us advice. One cannot ignore such situations.

If he has psychological problems, the animal will show noticeable changes in behavior,  such as: loss of appetite, destructive behavior or repetitive movements. Faced with these symptoms, a professional should be consulted as soon as possible.

Canine depression

One of the diseases that are faced most during sessions by canine psychologists is depression. Among its symptoms, there are the same ones that a depressed person can have: decay, loss of appetite or lack of interest in the world around him. Prevention is the best weapon to keep depression under control, so it is recommended to ensure a good quality of life for your pet.

Especially for dogs living in cities, who have to stick to conditions that don’t suit their nature. If we analyze the genetic aspect, our four-legged friends are not prepared to live in an apartment, to be trained and to stick to a daily routine.

To mitigate this lack of adaptation, the dog must develop its natural tendency as a canine species; roam the fields, interact with his fellows and with his masters, and take long walks; they are opportunities and relief valves that will bring balance and happiness to the animal.

Other countries

In certain European countries, where the level of awareness with animals is much higher, the discipline of the study of behavior is more developed  and owners usually resort to a visit to the psychologist when necessary.

Also in these countries the use of pets is developing to carry out therapies with children who have psychological problems,  with the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s or with other types of patients suffering from different diseases.

Some important tips

In some cases it is sufficient to  change the inappropriate behavior that the owners may have towards the dog to resolve the situation. For example, it is possible that the hierarchy in the house is not well marked and the owners do not fulfill their role as pack leader. This incorrect attitude can cause many behavior problems, especially if the dog is very dominant.

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