The Angora Hamster

The Angora hamster is not actually a breed as such, but rather a variety of the well-known Golden or Syrian hamster . Whether you have had other hamsters before or if it is the first time that you are going to decide, you cannot miss this article! We tell you everything you need to know. Is Angora the ideal hamster for you? Find out!

Angora hamster characteristics

The Angora hamster is a long-haired variety of the Syrian hamster, also known as the golden hamster. It has very long, abundant and silky hair that admits a variety of colors, including cream, gold, silver, satin and albino.

This variety of hamster is quite rare and very difficult to find. However, it is highly appreciated all over the world; in fact, it is one of the best valued in competitions and exhibitions. It is also known as a teddy hamster, long-haired hamster, or even fancy hamster.

Angora hamster temperament

These hamsters are usually a little shy and fearful at first , so they may not react very well to human contact and are a bit aggressive. However, they don’t take too long to get used to interacting with us and when they do they become adorable.

If you adopt an Angora hamster you will have a beautiful and sweet ball that will give you lots of unforgettable moments. They usually live between two and three years.

How to care for an Angora hamster

You must be very careful when handling these little ones, otherwise you could harm them. It is important that you never grab an Angora hamster by the hair. In fact, the best thing is to put your hand and let him climb; With a little time it will get used to you and it will be easy for you to hold it in your hands.

Although it is not very common among hamsters, as they have long hair, the Angora needs frequent brushing! Use a natural bristle brush; this will keep it knot-free and really smooth.

Angora hamsters do not usually get along very well with other breeds, so mixing them is not recommended. Regarding diet, it is advisable to put in some fresh fruit and nuts from time to time. They love them! For the rest, it needs the usual care of any hamster. Do you know how you should prepare its cage?

Remember! If you want to have multiple hamsters, ask the experts about compatibility. You should not put several hamsters in the same cage that are not going to get along. Also, don’t mix males and females if you don’t want litters. They reproduce really fast!

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