The advantages of mixed breed dogs

If you are considering adopting a dog, you should know that there are many advantages to choosing mixed breed dogs. The main difference between mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs is that the former come from a mix of breeds on which man has not intervened in order to modify certain characteristics. Generally, these animals are given up for adoption. Below we will outline all the advantages of choosing a mixed breed dog.  


If you are wondering why you should prefer mestizo dogs to purebred ones, then know that in the first place you will give a friend a home and you will do it absolutely free. In some kennels, they will perhaps ask you to cooperate with food donations, or to pay for vaccines or the sterilization of the puppy. You will also help save a life, in fact statistically within a litter of ten dogs, only two reach adulthood.

The mongrels in fact belong to the best race, because it was the very nature to determine the conditions and characteristics. Unlike breeds created by breeders, mestizo dogs have a genetic heritage that natural selection makes biologically more suitable and adaptable to the surrounding environment.

Precisely for this reason they can be considered real fighters, because both they and their ancestors had to endure hard tests to survive . Not being considered pure breed, they will have been discarded and will have had to fight in adverse conditions and certainly also against other animals for food or for the territory, which has made them, generation after generation, real “chosen” from the point of view of natural selection.

Being better suited to dealing with unfavorable conditions, it is much easier to take care of them than pedigreed dogs . If you have no one to help you take care of the dog, you will find that a mixed breed will ration food and water, will not cause major disasters in the house and will be much more in control of his needs than a purebred dog.

Since they are dogs characterized by a great genetic diversity, their life expectancy is very high. To the 12 years of average life span of mixed-breed dogs, another 3 or even 5 years can be added if they have received the necessary affection and care. Many purebred animals, having been genetically modified by humans, are more likely to develop diseases. These diseases, in addition to causing premature death, contribute heavily and negatively on the quality of life of the animal. In this sense, mixed-breed dogs not only generally require fewer visits to the vet, but are generally healthier, stronger and longer-lived.

Noble dogs

You will also see that they are very grateful dogs. In fact, if you adopt a dog that has lived on the street , he will be willing to give his life for you and for the other members of the family. And, unlike purebred dogs that were created for this purpose by breeders, mixed-breed dogs will do it simply because they want to do it and because they know very well that you gave them a home.

Even if they show a submissive character with you and your family, if they realize a threat, the mixed breed dogs will be the most faithful allies against possible aggressors. Having never had anyone to care for them, these animals will be grateful for everything you do for them and will soon become your best friends.

In addition to all these benefits, don’t forget that your dog will be absolutely unique. While animals of the same breed are very similar (and sometimes even identical),  your dog will have characteristics that belong only to him. If you are tired of seeing the same dogs all the time, then mixed-breed dogs are for you.

If you are willing to adopt a dog with these characteristics, take your time and be patient. Remember that you are welcoming a new member into your family who may be a little scary at first, but who over time will make you realize how important you are in their life.

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