Ten Fruits that the dog does eat

Apples and bananas can be part of the dog’s diet and are beneficial, experts say, while other fruits like grapes and raisins are dangerous in large quantities

Fruits for the dog? When it comes to feeding a dog, it is not usual to think about introducing apples, pears, oranges or other fruits in its diet . However, some fruits are good for this pet, because they provide fiber and antioxidants, explain canine nutrition experts. But, what fruits can the dog eat? What benefits do they bring? And how to offer them to the furry diners ? eye! There are also dangerous fruits for dogs, with which you must be careful. Among them, grapes and raisins can be a hazard to the dog in large quantities. All of this is noted in the following report.

Ten fruits that dogs do eat

Pears, apples, bananas, blueberries … These foods can not only be part of the human diet. Fruits such as apple and pear provide great benefits to the dog,.

The benefits that some fruits have for dogs have also been studied. Processed dog food and feed contains the proper balance of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals that the animal needs. However, these packaged dog foods also contain some shortcomings: They lack antioxidants and other vitamins and substances that natural foods such as fruit do contain. These substances present in the fruit, he adds, are important to ensure the long-term health of the dog. Although dogs do not need to eat much, eating small amounts of fiber benefits their digestive system.

Before introducing any fruit in a dog’s diet, consult with the veterinarian or canine nutritionist. Not all fruits are good for dogs : there are some dangerous and even toxic for dogs, such as grapes and raisins, provided that the animal ingests them in large quantities .

What fruits are beneficial?  Here is a list of “healthy fruits for dogs” :

  • 1. Blueberries (they are antioxidants)
  • 2. Bananas
  • 3. Apples
  • 4. Pears
  • 5. Mangoes
  • 6. Papayas
  • 7. Melons
  • 8. Apricots
  • 9. Plums
  • 10. Oranges

How do I offer fruits to the dog?

The amount of fruit that the dog eats must be supervised by the specialist. This is important as not everyone accepts it. Some may even have allergies. And fruit should not replace your usual diet: it is, in any case, a supplement and in small quantities .

Other precautions? All must be free of pipes and seeds before offering them to the dog. The important thing is to achieve a balanced diet for the dog. If you eat enough protein, you can offer fruit without problems.

How to get the dog to eat fruit?

Introducing fruits into the dog’s diet since it is a puppy is one of the keys for the animal to accept this food. When this happens, it is common for the dog to enjoy them and eat them alone , without having to mix them with other foods. The ideal, is to start when they are little, with different fruits in their food bowls. For an unaccustomed adult dog to accept fruits as part of its diet is somewhat more complicated. To do this, mix them with other foods , such as canned sardines or chicken, and making a puree with the fruits.

Its a good idea to cut the fruit into chunks . Many fruits are wrapped in a hard skin, which can be a resistance for the dog. Cutting them into pieces helps it bite into the flesh of the fruit and that the skin is not the first thing it finds.. The fruit should not replace the usual diet, but be offered as prizes or gifts.

Fruits for dogs: quick tips

A quick summary, not to be missed. There are beneficial fruits for the dog. Among them, apple, blueberries and banana. Others, such as grapes or raisins, can be toxic if the dog ingests them in large quantities: they damage its kidneys.

Some veterinarians also recommend removing the seeds from the fruits (apples, apricot pears, etc.) that are offered to the dog: they are harmful and inflame his digestive system, especially if they are large.

Another tip? Before introducing fruits into the canine diet, consult your veterinarian or nutritionist : not all dogs accept the same type of diet. Any change in your diet should be gradual and supervised by a professional: possible allergies cannot be ruled out.

Obviously, fruits cannot replace the dog’s usual diet : it is a supplement that must be offered in small quantities. Mixing pears or apples with natural and tasty foods, such as chicken, helps the animal accept these foods.

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