Tabby Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

It is not a real breed and has a very ancient history

The tabby cat loves to roam outside

The tabby cat is just the common common cat in our homes: let’s find out more about its character and how to best breed it.

The tabby cat is the classic European half-breed cat, the most widespread currently. In reality, It is not a real breed and has not even undergone manipulations and crossings, so the one we know today is very close to their ancestors.

To allow this cat to be able to participate in feline exhibitions, a separate category has even been established, that of “house cats“, which can be accessed by all cats that are over six months old.

Tabby cat story

The history of the tabby cat is lost in time: its ancestors were the cats Felis Sylvestris Lybica, present in 2000 BC in Egypt, where they were considered sacred animals. Later it arrived with Phoenician ships in Europe and in the Middle Ages it managed to survive only for his skills as a great mouse hunter.

It takes its name from Sorìa (present-day Syria), where it was particularly widespread in the wild. In reality there is also another name by which it can be called:  Tabby, from attabi ( Attabiyah ) a region of Iraq where once a silk was produced that recalled the color of its fur. In Anglo-Saxon countries it is called Tabby Cat.

Tabby cat appearance and size

The tabby cat is medium in size, the male reaches 6-7 kg, the female 3-4 kg. The body is agile and sturdy, with the head being particularly large compared to the rest. The ears are straight and set well apart, with round eyes. The tail is quite voluminous.

This mixed breed has short hair of different colors : black, white, blue, red, cream, striped, brindle, two or three colors. However, only females can reach the three shades due to a genetic issue.

A typical feature is the matching of eye color to coat color. If the coat is gray or brown, the eye will be green, while if the coat is fawn, the eye may be brown. With a white coat the color is blue or uneven.

Tabby cat character

This feline loves company and cuddles, but is quite independent, so it will choose when and how to dose the moments of intimacy. It remains a cat tied up in the open air, so locking them in the apartment would only make them sad.

He needs to run around outside and it is also possible for them to run away. It has kept their hunting instinct intact and when it finds a kitten in heat, it can disappear even for days and cover many kilometres.

It is a particularly smart cat, It knows how to win the attention of human beings which it uses to always ensure a shelter and a meal. Very intuitive and alert, it moves with agility on the street, of which it seems to be the master. It has a great ability to adapt, so it can survive both indoors and out.

Tabby cat breeding and care

The tabby cat lives very well even without our care. Unlike other breeds, it does not need to be brushed, it does not have great demands in terms of nutrition, it takes care of its own cleaning. He gets to eat more than ten times a day, because he loves making small snacks instead of full meals.

The price to buy a tabby cat is really low, within 118.78 UDS , but it is often given as a gift. From the physical point of view it is quite resistant, it almost never gets sick, unlike other breeds which are certainly more delicate and prone to infections and diseases. The average life span could even exceed 20 years, as long as it receives all the appropriate care, including vaccinations.

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