Summer foods that are harmful to the health of the cat

For cat many “human” foods are absolutely forbidden. With the summer, however, watch out for the many summer foods that are harmful to the health of the feline.

Summer is a time of sunshinefreedomcarefree food too. The days spent at the beach, in the pool or outdoors and the complicity of high temperatures favor quick, cold and light meals as well as a good quantity of sugary, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, but we must not forget the needs of animal friends.

From coffee to canned tuna: which summer foods are harmful to cats?

Did you imagine you could give cat some of your snack? This is not a good idea and in this article we explain why. After seeing summer foods that are harmful to the dog, here is a useful overview for the feline friend of the house.

Theobromine , caffeine and theophylline contained respectively in chocolatecoffee and tea are toxic substances for cats. So pay close attention to chocolate ice creamcold coffee and tea typical of the summer season.

Also look out for classic and timeless seasonal salads. The cat cannot eat:
– green tomatoes and potatoes, as they contain a substance called solanine which causes gastrointestinal problems in cats;
– canned tuna, alters the amount of mercury in the body;
– avocado, can cause vomiting and diarrhea in cats;
– onion and garlic , thiosulfate causes anemia in cats;
– shallotchivesmushrooms;
– grapes and raisins (even a small amount of these foods can cause kidney failure in cats);
– soft cheeses;
– any food with a high lactose content.

Many are used to adding seeds and nuts to salads. Even the latter are absolutely forbidden for the cat.

Sushi, raw fish, raw meat and carpaccio are also prohibited.

Also absolutely NO to:
– fatty toppings
– raw or cooked bones – raw
– raw dough
– cow’s milk
– candies containing xylitol
– sugar and spices in general
– alcohol
– ice cream (contains propylene glycol)
– any food containing marijuana / infusion of THC

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